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Zari Hassan and Akothee unfollow each other on Instagram

By Michael Nampala 05 Aug 2020 05:07 PM EAT

The President of single mothers, artist and Kenyan business woman Esther Akoth aka Akothee is not having any kind words for celebrities who do not follow her, worse still, not promote her projects like music, but are quick to comment on her funny clips just to get likes.

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Zari and Akothee Rolls Royce statements

Battle for Supremacy - Uganda's Zari The Boss Lady VS. Kenya's Madam Boss 

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"It doesn't have to be breaking news when I decide to unfollow some of my colleagues in the Industry of social media, it's away of getting fresh air. I have not broken up with anyone, I can't just continue pretending, we are still buddies / friends, but not social media mates."

Zari and Akothee were once Best Female Friends, but not anymore, could this be a battle for supremacy when it comes to East African affairs, may be not , but we will soon find out the underlying issues.

Zari has 8 million followers while Akothee has 2.2million followers on Instagram and then when it comes to who they follow, Zari follows 129 people and it turns out Akothee is not among them something that sparked this action.

"I unfollowed a number of celebs on Aug 03 for reasons best known to me."


"I hate people who adore me in secret, but try to play power games with me, we are not fans neither are we in competition. I love an respect people."

"The only thing I can't do is I don't know how to pretend and this day had to come."

"Some of them I would defend with my uterus when they are attacked, but they will not come to my rescue when it's my turn, they will coil their tail and come back when the storm is calm, but I understand, maybe they fear bloggers or they have underlying issues, some of them never shared my work, but they will laugh at my funny videos and even go ahead and post my funny videos contents on their walls, to get more likes and comments, If you can't share my work, don't share my videos too."

"Some of them I sent my songs every time I released a song, not even one day will they post my song, they will tell me Ooh, I will post on the weekends,na hiyo inaisha hivyo, but they will come on wassap like " hey giiiiiiirl " as if nothing happened."

"Some will only comment when the topic on my wall is trending, just to get relevance and people be commenting under their comments, collecting clouts, I can't keep up with a fake social media games."

"Some follow me with pseudo accounts, later forget and say, ooh you know I saw you on Instagram, and I wonder how  any celeb who feels I am irrelevant in their follow button, can also unfollow, it's a cleansing month."

Meanwhile, as all this is going on, Zari is focusing on the future and paying less attention to distractions from one of her posts.

This is one of Akothee's post on Zari, she feels her colleague has not returned the favor

This is one of Akothee's post on Zari, she feels her colleague has not returned the favor

Esther Akothee

A little bit about Akothee..She is a born of Mombasa, an artist who dropped out of school at 14 to marry the man of her dreams, but he disappointed her. 


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