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Big Eye's problem is because he denied being the father of my twins-Sheilah Don Zella

By Michael Nampala 23 Jun 2020 03:40 PM EAT

Sheila Don Zella claims that the problems Big Eye is faced with lately are because he denied being the father of her twins. "You tortured me in my very own house and yet I sponsored your Freedom City concert and bought you a car on top of dating you for six years..." We did not use protection but you came out to say that those were not your children, this should act as warning to all men out there," Sheila ranted in clip that was full of vulgarities...

Sheila Don Zella attacks ex-lover Big Eye

Sheila Don Zella attacks ex-lover Big Eye over the twin children he denied fathering with her after they dated for six years...

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Ibrahim Mayanja aka Big Eye has been all over Facebook crying out for help as he was on the verge of losing out on a house he bought 400M, he had only paid 60M.

He later bounced back in another clip which he deleted shortly after asking his ex-lover Sheilah Don Zella to let him know where she buried her twin babies, Kato and Wasswa.

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This opened the old wounds and in her style, Sheilah in a recorded statement told off Big Eye by asking him to stop posting her son on his walls because he was not the biological dad, she also told him that he will never know where the twins were buried because he denied being their father in the first place.

Sheilah wondered why Big Eye was now interested in going to the burial site several years later, she linked it to witchcraft.

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"These are the problems that continue to haunt you, you denied being the father of the my twin babies yet you slept in my house for six years and we never used protection during that period."


"You tortured me in my very own house and yet I sponsored your Freedom City Launch, I bought you a car, a Toyota Noah that you claimed was yours, can you produce the logbook to that effect?"

Sheila Don Zella and Big Eye fell out in 2015.

"Every little penny I got, I made sure he had the best of it, I left my Zungu hubby for him, but he still let me down after taking care of all his relatives, paying all the bills...but he got upset that I expelled his buddies from my home."

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"Big Eye ...You know what I did for you...I gave you the first child, I put you on the first plane, I bought you the first car, I sponsored your first Indicator video, Zella Events sponsored your first concert...and for seven years I was taking care of you and your relatives...but you've not even bought a diaper for your child?"

"I bought you an air ticket to come and witness me push your baby? What did you give me in return? I truly loved to the women out there, be warned, some men are a real nuisance..."

Sheila Don Zella says that the problems Big Eye is having lately are because of the above problems...

Big Eye's woes are as a result of denying fathering the twin babies, she adds that things can only get better for him if he can apologize to her.


Big  Eye and Sheila at war once again

Big Eye's problems are far from over

For quite some time, Sheila Don Zella denied Big Eye access to his son, but now in a latest clip that she shared, Nalongo has come out confirming that the Sula Indicator singer is not the biological father and he risks being arrested if he continues posting him on his social network platforms...

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