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Bad Black's actions tantamount to blackmail-Ministry of Health

By Michael Nampala 14 Jun 2020 10:30 PM EAT

The Ministry of Health has come out to clarify on the allegations by Bad Black who was trying to sue for Shs 500M. The socialite says she did not receive a penny for the COVID-19 advert, but the Ministry has confirmed that they did not have a contract with her, it was on voluntary basis. The ex-con has bounced back saying she is not a volunteer nor does she work for government. "I don't offer free services, they have to pay me," Shanita Namuyimbwa added...

Bad Black returns fire...

Bad Black returns fire...

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"The messages sent out by Bad Black tantamount to blackmail since no contractual obligations were made between herself and government."

Socialite Bad Black continues to trend on Twitter after she came out threatening to sue the Government if her services that she offered via a COVID-19 ad were not paid.

A day after her communication, the Ministry of Health through their Senior Public Relations Officer Mr. Emmanuel Ainebyoona have come out to say that whatever Bad Black did was purely on voluntary terms.

"Following the call by H.E the President to the general public to donate or provide free services towards the prevention of COVID-19, a number of companies came out to support the Ministry of Health with some offering a number of items while others supporting in terms of the services they offer."


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"It is therefore against this background that Precision Communications Consulting Limited came out and donated Media Production services to the Ministry of Health."


"Precision Communications Consulting Limited approached various key personalities who voluntarily recorded messages as a way of giving back to their country in this COVID-19 fight, among whom was Bad Black. All these individuals were requested to voluntarily participate, and they consented before any recording was made."

"Bad Black, in particular consented to record a message that was appealing to her colleagues who were at risk of contracting COVID-19, and would thus spread it to other members of the community."

The Ministry added that Bad Black's message has since stopped airing as their focus is now on effective use of face masks.

The company that used Bad Black

The company that used Bad Black also confirms there was no contractual obligation...

Precision Communications Consulting Ltd, the company that dealt with Bad Black has also come out to confirm that there was no contractual obligation between them and the Ministry of Health.

Bad Black is still sticking to her guns in her latest response;

"I'm not a volunteer nor do I work with government, I must be paid. At the end of the advert, it states that it was sponsored by the Ministry of Health, so pay me my money," Bad Black said in response to the letter from the health ministry.

Bad Black during her live video

Bad Black during her live video


Catfight between Bad Black abd Alicia

Bad Black Vs, Alicia Boss Chic

Alicia was being interviewed on NBS UNCUT and surely there was not much to concentrate on other than the provocative dress code she displays on her wall which prompted a question as to whether she was prostituting herself.

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