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Uganda's Coronavirus lockdown live update

May 04, 2020 07:42 PM @ugandaonline

The 21-day-lockdown ends tomorrow. President Museveni will tonight be addressing the nation on whether the lockdown can be lifted or otherwise...

President Museveni to update the nation on whether to ease the restrictions or not

President Museveni to update the nation on whether to ease the restrictions or not...

9:39 pm

Face masks are now compulsory for all those who are not in their homes.

9:34 pm

Mode of transport - Buses can take these people to their respective offices. Cycling to work is also allowed. You should however have your mask on.

You can also walk to and fro. Public Transport and Private transport shall not be allowed at this time.

When we start the opening up, the first measures should be to consolidate:

1. Agriculture - Food Markets can continue.
2. Factories - Wholesalers can open, though they should observe the social distance rule, a seller must be 2meters apart, they should have masks and customers have to be 4meters apart. Warehouses should not have air conditioning where there are people.

3. Hardware shops can operate.
4. Mechanics - Repair workshops and Garages can open.
5. Metal and wood workshops can operate.
6. Insurance providers can operate.
7. Lawyers - Uganda Law Society to select 30 lawyers that will operate during this period.
8. Restaurants can open, but to provide takeaways, no sitting in there.
9. Warehouses can also open.
10. Schools can wait a little longer.

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9:18 pm

You cannot refuse to sleep for the fear of dreaming a bad dream. Sleeping is vital for continuity. We will now start slowly and carefully opening up but without messing up the earlier achievements.

9:16 pm

Museveni thanks the RCs for a job well done and he is of the view they should be paid better and so are the scientists, security forces.

The Private sector should also be supported, they are behind the masks, the powdered milk etc, they have done a lot.

9:07 pm

The last 45 days have given us time to prepare...

We are now better prepared in the following areas...

We can now make a large number of masks.
Our local factories are now manufacturing Sanitizers.

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9:02 pm

It is suicidal to agitate for the banning of transportation of the lorries now, we cannot stop the lorries and if we do, we will not be fighting an intelligent war.

Our grand daughters should however keep away from these drivers.

8:50 pm

The curve is quite flat implying that we have some how tamed the virus though we cannot say we have eliminated it, I therefore congratulate Ugandans for doing what they can do.

8:45 pm

38,845 persons have been tested to date and only 89 persons have been found with the virus out of that number.


8:39 pm

Fellow country men, when you are confronted with a new disease like COVID-19 you must answer three questions,

1. Is this disease vaccinatable
2. Is it treatable?
3. Is it avoidable by behavior?

The answer to the three questions seems eventually that all the three are possible. The good news is this might have a vaccine unlike HIV but working on the vaccine will take 18 months.

8:33 pm  

President Museveni takes his seat

8:25 pm

President Museveni is yet to kick off with the 13th address. Dr. Jane Ruth Acheng the Minister for Health, General Katumba Wamala the Minister in charge of Transport, Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda the Prime Minister are all seated waiting for the President to arrive.

The Chair of the Task Force Mary Karoro Okurut who is in charge of all the collections is also in the house. The Minister for Presidency Esther Mbayo and Professor Musenero with vast experience on managing pandemics have all taken their seats waiting for the President.

"I will address the country tonight at 8pm, guiding on the way forward as the 21-day lockdown extension comes to a close tomorrow. I urge you all to continue observing the guidelines from our health experts as the battle against the Covid-19 pandemic continues..."


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