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Sasha Brighton is broken after spotting the Shonga's happy together

March 10, 2020 06:15 PM @ugandaonline

Sasha Brighton is in tears days after the Shonga's divorced, she suspects they are seeing each other even after signing the divorce papers someothing that has forced to her to start looking for her Prince Charming...

Sasha Brighton thinking of leaving Herbert Shonga just when she thought that she gained exclusive rights...

Sasha Brighton thinking of leaving Herbert Shonga just when she thought that she had gained exclusive rights... "Please don't judge me I am human, I make mistakes," Sasha added.

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On the day the couple announced that they had finally divorced, Sasha took to her wall to share her Sigabanamusajja song as a way of letting her fans know that indeed, she does not share her man and the time was now to have exclusive rights on Herbert Shonga, but looks like the tables have turned.

And her make up alone is not enough to compete with the Cash Madam who turned up in a white Range Rover for to meet baby daddy as part of their co-parenting duties.

Following that development, Sasha Brighton of the Sigabana Musajja fame has turned into a motivational speaker of sorts as Dorothy, formerly the wife turns into a side chic according to online-in-laws.

The Shonga's divorced on 27 Feb and on that very day, Sasha Brighton who is currently dating Herbert err Habib Shonga dashed to her wall and hash tagged one of her songs dubbed; #Sigabanamusajja which is loosely translated as;

"When I am with a man, he is mine alone, I don't share..." 

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Kawomera is the other song for Sasha Brighton which literally means; Tasty.

On Mar4, Dorothy bounced back with this post:

"Dorothy Shonga Omu Bwati..." 

Dorothy's message to Sasha Brighton...

Dorothy's actions and message that are forcing Sasha Brighton to rethink her actions that include giving up on dating Herbert Shonga


This rubbed Sasha, who is planning to add Shonga to her name in a few months, the wrong way, it is as though she(Dorothy) is not about to drop the Shonga name any time soon as her brand rotates around it.

This was her take on the brand name...

"Be the brand that reflects your personality. Absorb what's useful and reject what's useless, whoever is affected with my brand name should sue..."

Matters are made worse when Dorothy was spotted in skimpy red outfits together with Herbert Shonga in what they termed as co-parenting, this just made Sasha to start looking elsewhere, apart of her thinks the divorce was fake as the two seem inseparable.

Sasha Brighton contemplating on getting another man

Sasha Brighton contemplating on getting another man 

Dorothy and Herbert have three children together.

Sasha has now stopped posting her Sigabana Musajja line and resorted to this;

"Whenever I close my eyes I pray 4 Mr. Right, come on I need a soul mate."

"She deserves better right! Please don't judge me am human and I make mistakes right!" Sasha threw a stone to her fans to see what comes out of them, indeed they did not disappoint as these were some of the comments that followed...

"I don't think he left her, she's just seeking for attention! She does this whenever Herbert flies to Malawi."

"I pray that you get but not other people's husbands because they are not fun to be with. Anytime, any day, they go back to their wives a case in point Judith Babirye, Best wishes in your searching journey anyway."

"Mr. rights are many, but those who see the rights are few try to pray for the one who can see the right in you."


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