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Boom Party it was as Cindy the King herself rocked Lugogo Cricket Oval

March 09, 2020 05:08 PM @ugandaonline

Cindy will go on record as the first female artist to fill up Lugogo Cricket Oval to capacity. Most local artists would not dare host their concerts at the venue, but the King herself defied the odds leaving her speechless, but to thank Uganda...

Cindy proved to her Cyndicates that she was a force to reckon with when she filled Lugogo Cricket Oval

Cindy proved to her Cyndicates that she was a force to reckon with when she filled up Lugogo Cricket Oval

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"Thank you Uganda I'm speechless..."

On Saturday, Cindy's fans, also known as Cyndicates had to fill up Lugogo Cricket Oval to see the King Herself do her thing, she broke the record by being the first female artist to fill up Lugogo Crickdet Oval that has always been a preserve of foreign artists and a few local one's like Gravity Omutujju and Chameleone.

Come see me Twwwwwwww I know you like it...

All roads led to Lugogo Cricket Oval on Saturday for the Boom Party concert. Days back, Cindy, was interviewed about the venue and she said that all smaller venues were not available for that day, leaving her with no choice, but to go for it and boom, it worked out leaving her speechless as she notes while Thanking all that turned up in large numbers.

Cindy told her fans about how her mom had identified her as a talented singer at a tender age of 5... She then went on to compare her to the likes of Mariah Carey and Yvone Chaka Chaka...

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"Look at me now... So all parents be careful what you tell your parents..." She added.

The fans got their money's worth because Cindy was performing all through and did not have that much time to just jump around or talk about nothing, she just performed all through and the roof almost came down on her after performing Mariah Carey's Don't Walk Away that she dedicated to her mother.


Nawewe, Selector, Dilemma, Still Standing, Bukolomoni and Boom Party were some of the songs that Cindy performed.

The sound was good, the lighting and the stage were spot on and Cindy's costumes not withstanding. Her backup dancers and other band members equally did not disappoint.

Cindy and her Queen dancers

Clever J, Byaxy, Coco Finger, Fefe Bussi, Weasel and Chameleone were some of the artists that entertained the fans.

All just went on well except for Bebe Cool who was pelted with bottles, but the Nkulio crooner just kept his cool while dodging the bottles.

The First Son Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba has since condemned the act and he blames police and the bouncers for allowing fans to throw bottles during an event.


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