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Hamisa Mobetto ponders her next move after being spotted with Diamond Platnumz

February 05, 2020 7:50 PM @ugandaonline

Diamond Platnumz's sister, Esma Platnumz has comforted Tanasha Donna and urged her to lover Diamond with all her heart. Regarding Hamisa cruising with Diamond in the same ride over the weekend, Esma adds that those are just rumors...

Hamisa Mobetto wonders if it is a crime to talk to her baby daddy

Hamisa Mobetto wonders if it is a crime to talk to her baby daddy

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Diamond Platnumz's house is on fire once again following the Friday fracas that saw him board the next plane to Dar hours before the Donnatella EP launch.

Tanasha Donna, who has since resigned her radio job in Kenya to take care of her 5-month-old baby and of course music career was disappointed when her baby daddy decided to hang out with a close female pal as opposed to putting all his brains on the EP launch.

This of course led to a scuffle between them the reason he left Nairobi before performing for his fans out there.

Back in Dar, snoops claim spotted Diamond and Hamisa cruising in the same ride something Esma Platnumz rubbished.


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"People keep saying that Hamisa and Diamond are back together, but that is not true. Those are pure lies being peddled."


She also encouraged Tanasha to keep loving Diamond the more;

"I beg you Tanasha to continue your relationship with your lover, Diamond, and do it with as much ease as you can master. Be comfortable in the love you two share."

Following all this, Hamisa just took to her wall wondering what  else she was to do because even when she talks to her baby daddy regarding their son, some will conclude that they are back together.

Hamisa Mobetto

Hamisa Mobetto

"You write about love, they say you are just a daydreamer. You write about pain, they say you haven't healed and you're seeking sympathy. You become friends with your ex, they say you haven't moved on."

"When you don't post your hustle they say you are broke, you ignore them, they find a way to slander your name. You write out of love they say the words are directed at someone."

"You post your achievements, they say you are showing off people will always find a way to dim your light..."

Hamisa Mobetto and Tanasha Donna both have baby boys for the Bongo star and that is not all, our very own Zari has two of his children making him a dad of four.


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