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She is a Princess, but I'm the Queen, Christopher Thomas' new lover roars out

April 17, 2020 05:05 PM @ugandaonline

He was married to a Princess, but I'm the Queen - Christopher Thomas's new catch, Halaina noted before COVID-19 locked down slay queens descended on her.

Inset is pregnant Halaina Johnson, Christopher Thomas' new lover

Inset is pregnant "Queen" Halaina Johnson, Christopher Thomas' new lover

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Princess Komutantale's ex Christopher Duke Thomas has shown off his latest catch, Halaina Johnson, who is also heavily pregnant going by his March 27 post in which he revealed that they are expecting a baby boy.

Just yesterday, Thomas communicated to his 13K plus followers on Facebook letting them know that the best thing that happened to him was falling in love with Halaina.

"I's so lucky I got Lovely Halaina Johnson, the best thing that has happened to me."

The above comment followed an earlier post on April 15 in which he shared a pic of her and his new found love, expected, responses came through though not so pleasant to Halaina prompting this post in retaliation;

"He might have been married to a Princess in Africa, but I'm the Queen."


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The mom of one goes on to post that she will give birth not later than August in pics that she shared on her wall showing off her baby bump.

To all those commenting negatively, Halaina dedicated Akon's Don't Matter song which has this line; "Nobody wanta' see us together, But it don't matter, no ('cause I got you babe)."


Princess Komuntale is not bothered about all this as she is still getting over her brother's birthday King Oyo who turned 28 yesterday.

Halaina Johnson showing off her baby bump

Halaina Johnson showing off her baby bump

Princess Komuntale fell out with Cristopher Duke Thomas less than one year after their wedding and the main reason was domestic violence. She is now in love with Phil Anthony Amooti.

Princess Komuntale's love life

Princess Komuntale's love life


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