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Judith Heard to start a rape rehabilitation project

February 6, 2019, 10:04 PM @ugandaonline

Judith Heard to open up a rape rehabilitation center

Judith Heard to open up a rape rehabilitation center dubbed One Day Project

For a greater part of last year, socialite Judith Heard has been holding a series of interviews regarding her birthday pics that found their way to the internet plus being sexually abused while growing up.

"The pics that leaked made me a strong woman. If you pay attention to the way I dress, I'm not the type who is skimpily dressed that is if you care to follow my fashion sense."

"That part is a very serious matter to me and at the end of the day, you only open your legs for your man and not anybody in the public."

"I looked stupid, but at the end of the day the pics made me become the person I am today, strong woman and ready for anything. If it does not kill me it makes me stronger."

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Going forward, Judith Heard is now in advanced stages of opening  up a rehabilitation center that will help rape victims cope with the aftermath of rape.

"I'm going to focus on rape cases, women that have been sexually harassed and all those bad things that have been done to a girl child through my Day One project.

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Day One Project is premised on the fact that when one is faced with problems, there's that person they confide in who may not necessarily be their parents, I want to be that person.

Judith Heard has decided to use the issue of pics that leaked to help others who may be going through similar problems.

The mom of three that include twins has had her pics leaked twice and she attributes the leakage to either a stolen phone or work station.

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Judith Heard to open up a rape rehabilitation center

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