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Rema dumps Kenzo for Hamza, introduction ceremony in November

August 31, 2019, 7:10 PM @ugandaonline

Rema Namakula is all lovey dovey with new lover Hamza Sebunya

Rema recently shared a bouquent of flowers from her new found love, Hamza Sebunya. Inivitation cards for the intro are out already

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CONFIRMED-Rema to introduce new lover in November

The Gutujja singer, Rema Namakula, is in advanced stages of introducing her new lover Dr. Sebunya Hamza and the wedding will be held thereafter. Invited guests have received their invitation cards, though the actual dates have been ghosted.

Rema who lost her dad at the age of one will on November 14, 2019 introduce her new 'love doctor' to her relatives in Nabbingo.
The invitation cards for the intro has her pic so you can't confuse her for another Rema Namakula if any, at least the dimple is very visible to drive the point home for anyone in doubt.

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Rema's songs confirming the feelings for her new lover, Hamza.

Rema's new lover is a hunk and most lines that she sings about in most of her songs seem to suggest that the lover has been watching her closely from a 3D angle and every time he did, Rema dashed to the studio.


Some of those songs are 'Deep in Love', Siri Muyembe and her very latest, Gutujja that she did with the B2C trio.

In the Deep in Love song, Rema says that; "Njakubera Mukyala Doctor Wanabanga Doctor..."

Translated as; "I will be a Doctor's wife if my hubby is a Doc..." That is happening already as she is all set to be a wife to a Doctor before this year ends.

In Siri Muyembe that she released in October last year, Rema had this line which was a direct message to her baby daddy, Eddy Kenzo.

"Tonkabiranga nga bakukubye bussu..." Never cry for me if it all slips from your hands.

Rema confirms all is not well between her and Kenzo

Rema Namakula doing her things and inset is Kenzo striking a pose next to his 'EK' black Range Rover

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