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My shoes are either too big to fill or too small to fit-Zari Hassan

January 30, 2019, 10:58 AM @ugandaonline

Zari assures her rivals that her shoes are too big to fill or too small to fit

Zari assures her rivals that her shoes are too big to fill or too small to fit

That is a clear message to Tanasha Donna, who is all set to become Mrs. Platnumz.

Zari and Diamond Platnumz have two children together, but things failed to work out between them. The Tanzanian singer has since replaced her with Tanasha Donna a radio presenter with NRG Radio in Kenya.

In Zari's statement, she seems to imply that she is next to none and when you to put on her shoes, they are either too big or too small.

Zari will soon hit 40 and Tanasha is 23 and their lover boy, Platnumz is 29.

At 38, Zari Hassan, a mom of five has still got the looks that made one of her rivals, Hamisa Mobetto, to acknowledge that it was not easy replacing her just when she thought she had done so, the video vixen was so wrong as Platnumz threw her out months later. 

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When Zari says that her shoes are either too big too fill, you can clearly see what she is talking about.

However, Hamisa is history and should not be appearing in this equation at all, it is all about Tanasha.

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Diamond Platnumz is now in love with a much younger Tanasha compared to Zari who was older than him by 9 years, so when Zari says her shoes are too big, she could be right in a way because some of the games that he plays with Tanasha, he could never try them out with Zari.

A few weeks back, Diamond Platnumz was spotted cruising his new found love Tanasha in an airport trolley as they waited for their flight clearly having fun something that Zari the Boss Lady could not allow considering that she even has several schools in South Africa, her students could wonder what their Principal is doing in a trolley.

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Short of that, Zari is just being nice and polite, but her statement does not fall short of saying she is the most beautiful thing that has happened to Diamond Platnumz and that is not about to change.

Tanasha Donna showing off her heels

Tanashaa Donna is Diamond Platnumz current lover from Kenya

Zari in her office at Brooklyn City College

Zari is Diamond Platnumz's ex-lover and mother to his two children. In the above pic, Zari is seen striking a pose in her office at Brooklyn City College where she is a CEO and majority shareholder. 

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