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NTV Uganda news anchor Joel Ssenyonyi quits

May 02, 2019, 11:19 PM @ugandaonline

NTV news anchor Joel Ssenyonyi quits NTV

NTV news anchor Joel Ssenyonyo quits, his TV journey started in 2006 at UBC

NTV news anchor and talk show host Joel Besekezi Ssenyonyi read his last news bulletin at the Serena based TV station on Thursday.

The 32 year old started off with his anchoring this eve and little did we know that it was his last.

"I will be taking a break and coming up is business, Malcolm, what is coming up tonight?" He asked Joel who was just about to start his business segment.

Uhmm, What's coming up tonight is matters oil, but before we go into what's coming up, I just heard in the corridors that you are headed for big things and I am your friend that is a very tremendous thing and you never told me..." Malcolm said to him.

Malcolm then left briefly leaving Joel in some bit of shock and in seconds, he returned armed with a cake alongside some back office staffers that included news reporters saying thank you.

"Well, clearly the cat is out if the bag, tonight will be my last day to anchor news here at NTV, I say thank you to my colleagues here, they've been an amazing family and to you to our viewers, thank you for being part of this my journey."



Joel's TV journey started in 2006 at UBC.

The excerpt below is from his radio interview talking about how he got employed before his S.6.

"When I see something, I aim at it, boom! Some of the time it does happen. So, when I got into vacation, I began to go to all these TV stations. I said I am here, I would like you to hire me. I remember one particular one, as we chatted and laughed about it and this guy was saying, now young man, what are you doing here?

I said I would like to give you an opportunity to hire me. He looked at me and laughed. I remember eventually UBC advertised looking for anchors. I applied, with nothing. I didn’t have even the senior six results. People applied with master’s degrees, diplomas and so on. But somehow I had this gusto in me of it will happen. So, we go, we do interviews and cross over to the next round, like that, like that.

I remember the final round and these people were asking how old are you? I am like, I am 19. They say, you are 19! Are you at campus or what? I say I am in S6 vacation. My results are not out yet. They looked at each other…but they liked what I offered. They chose two us: myself and a lady, to begin working."

Joel is surely headed for big things as he will reveal in detail.

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