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Geosteady agrees to do a DNA test following accusations of child neglect

May 13, 2019, 1:35 PM @ugandaonline

Goesteady and his wife Prima Kardashi

Pregnant Prima Kardashi clad in a Call Me Geo Geo Tee

Singer Geosteady has agreed to do a DNA test following the woman who came out to accuse him of child neglect. "I am ready to pay all the related costs," He adds.

"I cannot be a performer for women and accusations like those are circulating like wildfire.."

The singer who recently gave his heavily pregnant wife a car adds that accepting to do the DNA does not necessarily mean that he is responsible or has had an affair with the said woman.

He also called all his Mother's Day performances over the same allegation.

"I was forced to refund money for various Mothers Day performances because it was not business as usual for me to perform on that day when a mother out there is accusing me of child neglect."



The woman has reported the case to Katwe Police Station and since then, the singer has been on wanted.

It has, however, turned out that this matter is not new to Geosteady, it has only been reignited by the car that he gave to his current lover Prima Kardashi.

And it is highly likely Geosteady is not responsible, but some fellow who has a striking resemblance to the Owooma singer and he is on record in his March 24 Facebook post, he complained over this very issue.

Initially, this man was conning Geosteady's fans and performing during upcountry shows masquerading as the singer, but when it involved impregnating girls, the singer had to come out and warn his fans.

"People are so mad when it comes to business and money. You will just find people do mob justice on you because you took their money."

"For the girls, I will have to post voice clips for you to pick out a lesson about this whole story coz some of his friends are taking this as an insult/a joke. Trust me I love women, but do you know seeing someone suffer in your name??!!!! It really hurts."

That was Geosteady's comment regarding a matter similar to this six months back and since the child in question is one year old, it is no doubt that this is the very issue.
A one Prossy Harts tried to tell off Geosteady over this, but the singer stood his ground;

"You're very right, I'm shouting because you don't value my business and you've felt no pain of being used as a woman. I respect my fans so much that they don't deserve to have my kids because they've been played."

A post by Geosteady complaining about one of his colleagues that was conning his fans

A post by Geosteady complaining about one of his colleagues that was conning his fans

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