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Ask me any question, socialite Katrina Nil Zero tells fans, but one  was roasted

By Michael Nampala 25 Nov 2020 11:48 AM EAT

Leila Kayondo's baby sister, Katrina Nil Zero is fond of taking time off with her fans by letting them ask her any question, which they did.

One asked how old she was and the answer was not far from it is rude to ask a lady her age.

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Ask me any question!!

Katrina Nil Zero

"I am tired of this question, ekyo mukitegede, I already did charity so the rest of you can buy..."

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One asked how old she was and the answer was not far from it is rude to ask a lady her age.

"Just know I'm a baby in my early twenties..."

The next one was not asking, but made their point clear to Katrina that they liked her and that she should keep being herself.

"Thanks, that is the best gift I can ever give to myself."

Which tribe are you Katrina?

"I love making my personal life private, but I am half Ugandan though. Rule no.3 I never tell people anything about me, never open up."


Now that she does not open up and never tells people anything about herself, is there any truth in the above statement?

Hi pretty, you resemble Leila Kayondo...

"I know pretty, though it's Leila Kayondo."

Then came this one though they were quick to say it was not a question, but a request. Please donate to me those clothes you no longer need...

This brought out the other side of the Instagram slay queen who quickly told off the fan and warned others from this request as many had flooded her inbox with similar requests.

Katrina Nil Zero answers one of the most difficult questions

Second floor it is...

"I am tired of this question, ekyo mukitegede... I already did charity so the rest of you can buy."

She went on to assure them.

"You girls say we sleep with men to get everything we have and after you be here asking...I was saying why don't you use the same method to get what you don't have."

"Ba simanyi mpa wig, shoes, nengoye, you buy," Katrina ended her ask me any question session.


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