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Fresh details emerge on why Diamond Platnumz snubbed Tanasha's EP launch

February 04, 2020 05:15 PM @ugandaonline

Diamond Platnumz was found in the company of another babe hours before the Donnatella EP launch and this was the reason he had to board the next plane to Dar. This is according to a local radio station in Nairobi, Kenya.

Tanasha Donna rtold her guests Diamond Platnumz was not attending her launch

Tanasha Donna - "He cannot be here today, he had to go sort out an emergency, you know how those things are, family first always." 

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Tanasha Donna on Friday held her mini-album launch at the Sarit Centre Expo, but what shocked many was the absence of her baby daddy Diamond Platnumz, and yet, he had jetted into the country a day before.

Word on the social radar is that he was found in the company of another female something that led to a bitter exchange between the two.

According to a local radio station in Nairobi, Tanasha Donna found Diamond Platnumz with a curvy babe and that is why the Bongo star could not perform leaving the new mom to perform all by herself.

The revelers who attended the Donnatella EP Launch say her performance was way too average, in fact, they add that she did not rehearse enough for an event that was advertised three months back.

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If Diamond and Mbosso had performed, that could have saved the day.

Diamond went on to tell his fans that he had an emergency that required his urgent attention and it was to do with his family.


During Tanasha's performance, she told her guests that I had to let him go now that it was to do with family...

"This next song is featuring a legend in the music industry, it is featuring Diamond Platnumz unfortunately, he cannot be here today, he had to go sort out an emergency, you know how those things are, family first always..."

Tanasha Donna, who was clad in a red long slit evening dress that showed off her black underwear said.

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Earlier, it was said that Diamond Platnumz had to rush back to attend to her mom that was battling heart complications, but this was not the case as she was busy having a quality time with her lover.

Looks like the games have started already. There's no mention of the wedding that was meant to be, Baby Naseeb landed five months back, and now, Domo was with another babe hours to the Donnatella EP launch.

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Folks are still trying to land on this Kenyan babe who led to this fight...

Meanwhile, Tanasha promised her fans that the pics for the event will be released, but days later, the pics have not been released yet.


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