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Gospel singer Levixone returns the SLK200 Merc gift to Laneck

By Michael Nampala 09 Sep 2020 10:52 AM EAT

SAM Lucas Lubyogo aka Levixone has returned the Merc gift he was given by fellow gospel artist Afande Laneck over what he termed as disrespect.

Levixone says that Laneck once said that after giving him the ride, he had now become popular and the act has done wonders for him and everyone respects him for that.

According to Levixone, the act was not done in good faith, so he has decided to return the car.

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Levixone strikes a pose on the SLK 200 Merc

Levixone strikes a pose on the SLK 200 Merc and inset is the new owner Wisdom Kaye

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"When he gave me that car, he said that I should invite media people to witness, if anything, he invited some of them. He once made this statement; 'The vehicle that I gave you has done wonders for me, all artists respect me for that,' So this was not from the bottom of his heart, there was a mission behind this whole thing of him giving me a car."

"I was hurt and I told him that was not good and for that reason, I have decided to return the car."

The SLK 200 Mercedes convertible in UAX series was given to Levixone during his last concert dubbed; Turn the Replay.

"As a born again, there's what we term as sowing a seed, which multiplies a hundredfold, so I gave him my most cherished ride, but he has returned it, it is fine I will give it to someone else," Laneck said.


Lank has now given the ride to motor-mouthed Wisdom Kaye, who was reduced to tears of joy after it turned out that he was the new owner of the silver convertible days after being given another ride by SK Mbuga.

However, insiders say that Levixone and Laneck are both interested in contesting for the President of Gospel Artists, so the gift that he gave him would do a lot in sabotaging his efforts, thus returning it.

The new owner, Wisdom Kaye, has taken it for a thorough wash now that it has spent some time in the Ghetto, he was also given the logbook after raising concerns that maybe Levixone had borrowed funds and used the ride as collateral.

Levixone and Wisdom Kaye

Levixone and Wisdom Kaye

SourceUganda Online


Turn the Replay Concert

Levixone after being gifted with a Merc

While on stage, Afande Lanek came out to reveal how the Lord had spoken to him and these were his words; 

"Levixone, the Lord has just spoken to me come for your car tomorrow."

This was his take on the successful concert; 

"History has indeed been made."

"One day we will do our gospel concerts in the big stadiums and we will glorify God through our music"

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