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Bad Black worried after her skin bleaching starts to go wrong

By Michael Nampala 18 Aug 2020 08:53 AM EAT

Socialite Bad Black's skin has started changing color from the 'yellow' complexion to red. A few years back, the mother of four had a chocolate color only to turn it into a lighter one.

Looks like Bad Black has started choking on the side effects and  she wants you to stand with her.

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Bad Black showing off her skin bleaching effects

Bad Black showing off her skin bleaching effects

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This was Bad Black's post on Snapchat;

"Pain followed by three gloomy emojis. I have bleached too much that my face is turning red, hope you can sympathize with me."

It has been 8 years since Bad Black bleached her skin after landing some billions from a former lover, David Greenhalgh.

In the pic she shared, it was free from makeup and it had no filters clearly revealing the parts around her left eye that had started to give way.

Bad Black back then

Bad Black

Bad Black

Bad Black in her old shade

Bad Black in her old shade

Source: Uganda Online



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