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Big Eye and Sheila Don Zella on the verge of making up

By Michael Nampala 06 Aug 2020 04:04 PM EAT

Ex-lovers Ibrahim Mayanja aka Big Eye and his baby mama Sheila Don Zella are considering putting the several fights they've had behind them and rekindle their affair.

It all started with Sheila Don Zella, who sent him a Hi text and to her surprise, he replied, considering that she had blocked him for years and it had been a while without them communicating, this prompted her to call him straight away.

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Ex-lovers Sheila Don Zella and Big Eye

Ex-lovers Sheila Don Zella and Big Eye in talks to see how they can work things out between them

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Sheila, who was enjoying her champagne during the time of the call told the Nfaamu singer that the children wanted to speak to him, which they did most of them demanding for a PC as their gift for X-Mass, the Physically Fit crooner promised to make good when the funds permit.

He is demanding for some Ka-Money from the ruling party which has not come through yet, he has released a song to that effect as he contemplates joining Bobi Wine's National Unity Platform (NUP).

Sheila wondered if she was not allowed to make a request something that put a big smile on his face based on how he was sounding on phone.

"Go on, I was first dealing with the children, then the adults would follow," Big Eye told Don Zella.



Sheila who was at the time feeling more energetic after thinking about the good things they used to share with Big Eye  was a bit shy to make her request claiming the children were around, the children gave her some tips like asking for a pizza, which attracted a loud laugh from the already jovial Sheila who was clearly in love, it is no wonder she picked up the phone to call him up in the first place.

Sheila told Big Eye that she does not want so much from him as she already has and can have whatever she needs when she needs it, but all she wanted was a Quaran, Salary and an apology for the wrongs he did to her and if he can do that, they could easily be back in each other's life.

This hit Big Eye like a thunder and so much was happening in a short time that he could not handle, he just told her Thank You, though Sheila who was recording every moment had wished Big Eye could say sorry as everyone was listening now that the Whatsapp call was being recorded live on Facebook for her fans to follow.

As Sheila was about to end the call, Big Eye demanded that she does not hang up, but at the same time, he was speechless...

"I am so emotional and I can't speak right now, but Thank You." Big Eye said.

"Thank you too, take your time and think about it, these are baby steps taken, you don't have to respond now, but I guess in this month of August, you are feeling better now that I 've called you after a very long while and this time, I was not angry and abusive like it has been the case," Sheila responded.

The fans have since loved the move by Sheila and she has also noticed that the kind of vibe you get when you forgive is not in any way similar to that of abusing and yelling all sorts of insults like it has been in the past.

This is coming days after Sheila in her usual style had told off Big Eye not to use their son, Brighton when demanding for his payment from the ruling party, it is no wonder that the tone and type of phone call that he received just surprised him because he was used to abusive calls only from his baby mama.

It is now left to be seen which steps Big Eye will take after this  move, but so far so good.

Sheila Don Zella

Sheila Don Zella claims that the problems Big Eye is faced with lately are because he denied being the father of her twins.

 "You tortured me in my very own house and yet I sponsored your Freedom City concert and bought you a car on top of dating you for six years..." We did not use protection, but you came out to say that those were not your children, this should act as a warning to all men out there," Sheila ranted in a clip that was full of vulgarities...


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