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Herbert Shonga and Sasha Brighton celebrate two years of love

By Michael Nampala 05 Aug 2020 01:54 AM EAT

Herbert Shonga and his new catch Sasha Brighton started dating on Aug 03, 2018 and this called for a celebration of sorts, though it was happening at the time when she had just lost her unborn twin babies.

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Herbert Shonga and Sasha Brighton too the woods for this photoshoot

Lovers Herbert Shonga and Sasha Brighton took to the woods for this photo shoot. Inset is the pic he used in May to wish her a happy Mother's Day.

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The celebration was scientific as her lover had to dash to South Eastern Africa to be with his children.

Shonga is in Malawi to comfort the children after their mother, his ex-wife Dorothy Shonga was arrested and now in prison awaiting trial for fraud and money laundering charges.

This did not stop the celebration as the two shared pics of each other as a way of commemorating two years of being in love.

He used a few lines off Marc Anthony's 'I Need You' song to drive the point home.

"From the day that I met you girl, I knew that your love would be everything that I ever wanted in my life.That moment you spoke my name, I surely saw that future ahead of us.Words can't express what you mean to me but just know that I really need you my LOVE. #Happy2Anniversary."


Sasha Brighton communicating about her twin babies that she lost due to some complications

The celebration is coming six days after Sasha lost her unborn twin babies.

His fans have, however, told him not to forget to check on his ex-wife Dorothy Shonga who is currently in prison for at least a week.

Herbert is also hoping to take Sasha Brighton to Malawi so that they can get a feel of her beautiful soul.

Dorothy Shonga and business partner arraigned before court over fraud

Dorothy Shonga being led to a Magistrate court in Malawi


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