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Meet the hot Big Brother Naija season 5 housemates

By Michael Nampala 20 Jul 2020 02:15 AM EAT

Reality TV lovers are in for another treat of Big Brother Naija season 5 which happens to be the lockdown version given the COVID pandemic.

The housemates have been in isolation for two weeks and the show host Ebuka confirmed that they were free from Covid-19.

Big Brother Naija Lockdown housemates

In the pic is Ozo, Vee, Prince Nelson, Dorathy and Kiddawaya 

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The female fans agree that the male housemates are hot, some add that Biggie just smuggled them into Naija.

The live show was scientific as it had a virtue audience, there were no live performances except for Ebuka who took off very few minutes with the housemates before ushering them into the house.

Each housemate walked onto the stage with a mic and after being introduced to Africa, off they got into the lockdown house after briefing Ebuka on what their strategy would be.

Big Brother Naija Lockdown Housemates

1. Ozo 27, was the first housemate to get into the house and his grabber statement is: "No boundaries with an ounce of hope."

2. Vee, 23, was the next housemate. She is already good friends with Praise who had a threesome relationship outside the house and the chat they are having at the time of this post is about the three COVID tests they had while being screened for the TV reality show.

"Live every day as if it is your last." Is her grabber statement.


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3. Prince, 24, Male, his father is a King and that is where he gets his Prince (not real name) from. He prefers to focus on a good name than riches.

4. Lilo, 23, Female, is a Dietician and she hates people who don't mind their business. Lilo says that her strategy will be a conspiracy.

5. Trickytee, 35, Male is an artist and a creative director came with a lot of energy on the stage. He hates those who are proud. He promises, fun, drama and laughter to the house.

6. Lucy, 30, Female, Loves good food, hates lies. She is bringing fun and good vibes to the house. She is bringing fights in the house.

7. Kiddawaya, 27, Male, Is patient and hates spiders. He also likes working out. He is confident and arrogant and knows that, he was not sure what he was bringing to the house between relationships and fights.

8. Dorathy, 24, Female, is from Delta state, was clad in a black long dress with high slit, the dress showed off her huge centerfolds and she hopes to have the best time in the house.


The house has 20 housemates in total

Trickytee, 35, lives his life to the fullest, Lilo, 23 Trusts in God.

Dorathy, 24, Kiddawaya, 27 and Lucy, 30.

9. Praise, 28, Male, Dance instructor who was in a relationship with two ladies and they both knew it says will be bringing exactly that to the house.

10. Wathoni, 29, Female, is a Fashion Entrepreneur who speaks Swahili, she is a mother and her mom is from Kenya, she loves music and she is a shoe addict. Relationships are her strategy in the house.

11. Tochi, 28, Male, is a UBA driver and was quick to warn the female housemates that he does not have money. He is bringing a lot of dram to the house and he warns his fans to expect nothing, but fun. He is single and looking forward to vibe with the ladies.

12. Eric, 24, Male left Lucy very amused as she could not get enough of his 6-pack. His strategy is relationships the moment he gets into the house.

13. Erica, 26, Female Is an actress and if you loved Mercy in the BBNaija4, you might as well love Erica because they share a lot in common. She dislikes stress, dislikes people who do not take care of their personal hygiene. She is bringing premium entertainment into the house. Erica was shocked on seeing Dora's front side.

14. Brighto, 29, Male, likes getting into people's nerves, been to over 20 States in Naija. "Life is too short. Try as much as possible to make yourself happy," is her grabber statement.

Tochi, Wathoni and Praise

Tochi is a UBA driver, Wathoni is a Fashion Enterpreneur and Praise is a Dance Instructor

15. Kaisha, 25, Female, is bringing drama to the house and she is good at keeping secrets. She loves to go out, but she is going to be locked down just for the money. Fights, relationship and conspiracy will be her strategy.

16. Neo, 26, Is so proud to be in the house and hearing stories of other housemates, he is more than happy to be in the house. He shared of a story of how his shared business with his ex-lover failed.

17. Jolanibaj, 27, Female

18. Laycon, 26, Male, He is an artist and his grabber statement is that facts don't care about your feelings.

19. Nengi, 22, Female

20. Ka3na, 26, Female, remarried at 22, has one child and she is currently single and not searching, she is in the house to promote her brand. She likes being around happy people and hates her poverty. She came dressed in a one shoulder short dress that exposed her lingerie.

Neo, Kaisha, Ka3na, Brighto, Eric and Erica

Neo, Kaisha, Ka3na, Brighto, Eric and Erica

Mercy Eke wins BBNaija season 4

Mercy won the top N60 Million prize after beating 25 contestants


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