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Robin Kisti says that Sheilah Gashumba is copying her TV concept

By Michael Nampala 13 Jul 2020 2:50 PM EAT

TV personalities Sheilah Gashumba and Robinah Kisitu aka Robin Kisti are at it again and one is accusing the other of copying their TV concept.

For starters, Robin Kisti will be bouncing back on TV after landing a job with Azam Tv.

Kistis Lounge and Godz Plan and Gash Lounge TV shows

New shows coming up on a TV set near you... Kistis Lounge will be about celebrity interviews and so is Godz Plan and Gash Lounge. In the background, you can't miss Sheilah's beautiful lips

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As preparations for her yet to be launched TV show dubbed Kistis Lounge are underway, her nemesis, Sheilah Gashumba is in advanced stages of releasing her Godz Plan and Gash Lounge show, she adds that it might as well be your favorite TV show.

The keyword is Lounge as it appears on both shows which are yet to be launched, so the question of who is copying who has left some baffled and among them was Tina Fierce who posed a question to Robin Kisti, 

Who had the original idea? Because I notice Lounge as a common word here...

"They can copy your style, but they can never be you," Robin Kisti tweeted.

"Uganda can mean to amuse me, so you are confirming that this is your idea or I drink more worra, but content is a real problem in my country, and this is what I said only to be referred to as a bully, but content zero," Tina replied while enjoying her Kazire and Mukamanayamba drinks.

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"That's what happens when you are an inspiration to the young confused next generation. It is a great moment to confirm that I am an Idol to many," Robin Kisti concluded.

We now wait for the new TV shows to hit our tellies.


These three TV personalities have in the last few weeks been entangled in cat fights of sorts. It all started with Sheilah Gashumba coming out to complain about her former employer paying her peanuts per TV show[], Robin Kisti jumped in on this to defend the employer as they were both on the same payroll, it was terrible as the two accused each other of all sorts of things.

It was not long before Sheilah jumped onto her next topic which was cyber bullying and Tina Fierce suffered the consequences here as her show was suspended, she now tweets from her farm while enjoying the upcountry cool breeze.

Tina Fierce asks Robin Kisti who copied the other

Tina Fierce asks Robin Kisti who copied the other

UNCUT on NBS TV and Live Wire on Spark TV are some of the entertainment shows with the hosts speaking mostly the local dialect, but these new shows could be targeting the English audience if the 'Naija' accents by God's Plan and Robin Kisti is anything to go by.

Scoop on Scoop on Urban TV is a Gossip show that is currently suspended, and the host, Christine Karungi aka Tina Fierce does her thing in English.

Is Sheilah Gashumba trying to feel the vacuum that has been left after the suspension of Urban TV's Scoop on Scoop, we can only be a little patient to the time when the show eventually rolls out and this is most likely to be on NBS TV, is then that we will be able to answer some of those questions.

Sheila Gashumba and Marcus Lwanga

"I was working for that pay because I loved being on TV, but when you grow older, you realize it’s not about what you love but, your value and how much you are being paid for the job!! You are either paid your worth or you walk out."

This follows her revelation that she was earning 400,000/- per month as a host for the Style Project show. The Lil Stunner as she prefers to call herself added that her hair alone was going for 300,000/- makeup artist could take 80,000/- per appearance implying that in just one show, Sheilah had already spent more than what she earns in a month.

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