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Bad Black apologizes to all after being paid her COVID-Ad money

By Michael Nampala 22 Jun 2020 11:50 PM EAT

Shanita Namuyimbwa aka Bad Black has ceased fire after being paid some money from NRM supporters led by music promoter Balaam Barugahara.

Bad Black has come out on several occasions demanding payment for services she rendered in the COVID-19 advert. In the advert, the mom of 4 appeals to all her colleagues to desist from interacting with truck drivers.

Bad Black is sorted after being paid some money

Bad Black is sorted after being paid some money. She has promised not to antagonize anyone regarding the COVID-19 advert.

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It was not long before the advert stopped running after the strategy changed to sensitizing the public on the use of face masks. 

This was when Bad Black's clips demanding for payment started surfacing online. The Minister of Health Dr. Jane Ruth Acheng who acknowledged that she did a noble job was quick to add that it was voluntary though because they did not even have a contract with her.

Bad Black returned fire wondering why at the end of the advert it was stated that it was a Sponsored advert and yet she had not received a penny.

"I am Shanita Namuyimbwa, Bad Black, I am not a volunteer, you have to pay me. In my world, there are no free things..."

The Minister of Ethics and Integrity Father  Simon Lokodo also came out to say that she risked being arrested now that she was demanding for payment and yet they did not have a contract with her.

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The ex-con bounced back saying whatever the case may be, she must be paid.

Precision Media was the company that Bad Black dealt with and according to her, as part of the deal, she was to meet the President.


This might have been one of the reasons that made promoter Balaam [who has taken several artists to meet the president] intervene.

"I've told Bad Black that President Museveni loves her so much, but because of the COVID-19 pandemic, she cannot meet him and he is not meeting anyone, so whoever told her that she was to meet him, lied to her," Balaam said.

Bad Black has been demanding for Shs500M plus 50 in damages.

Balaam told her that the money was way too much, but Bad Black said that she has about 100 of her colleagues that she commands and once they do not pay her, they could easily hit the streets in their Adam's suit.

He then gave her a box that had a yet to be disclosed amount.

"I am sorry to all those that were hurt as I demanded for my payment, I am jolly person and thank you President Museveni. I am now going for a holiday in Kenya."

"With this money, my children will be enjoying meat, milk and the likes..."

Before the payment, Bad Black had threatened to join Bobi Wine's People Power.


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