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Marcus and Sheila Gashumba depressed over Cyberbullying

By Michael Nampala 20 Jun 2020 01:10 PM EAT

Sheila Gashumba and boyfriend Marcus Lwanga say they are depressed as a result of the negative articles that have been written about them, they have singled out one Tabloid and a TV station. God's Plan adds that matters are made worse when it comes to social media that has many uneducated folks with Wi-fi...

Marcus Ali and Sheila Gashumba at Sanyu FM

Marcus Ali LWANGA aka God's Plan and Sheila Gashumba at Sanyu FM

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Sheila Gashumba and her lover Marcus Ali Lwanga aka God's Plan were Salvador's amazing guests on Friday morning during the 88.2 Sanyu FM Breakfast show.

Salvador started off with the online war that Sheila was battling with in regards to payment for TV presenters.

"The problem I had with my previous employers was that I resigned after working with them for six years, but they made it look like they had fired me," Sheila said.

"The day she told me how much she earns, I collapsed." Marcus chipped in.

"Sheila used to get a paycheck once a year so that the payment could look big," Marcus added.

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Salvador complimented them on how they were actually doing very well during this lockdown period as COVID has just done more harm than good to most couples.

The show host, touched another topic that was mostly about Sheila and this was posting every success in her life on her social media platforms.


Sheila posts about how her man is the best thing that has happened to her, but the responses from social media hint at the fact that the money they flaunt was acquired through crime, "What do you have to say about that?" Salvador asked.

"To be honest, I went to prison 11 or 12 years ago, why are people still talking about it now? Have I robbed anybody now? That was 12 years ago, I was young, I made a mistake and I paid for it."

"But I think in Uganda, I feel there are not enough laws to protect people like us. The things they write about us, they will not write about the President because they know there will be consequences...Where is the Cyber Police to protect people like us?

"I have been depressed before just by reading certain posts about Sheila, " Marcus added.

Salvador also used the opportunity to let them know that he has had his fair share after he replaced Fatboy for the Breakfast show.

Sheila's boyfriend attributed this to lack of education.

"The problem is uneducated people having Wifi..." Marcus roared.

Here is Marcus Ali expressing his dissatisfaction with the uneducated folks with Wifi -


Sheila Gashumba and Marcus Lwanga

Sheila Gashumba has been trending on Twitter for the last several hours after she touched a topic that many have been fearing to discuss, it left many in shock!!

Sheila Gashumba - "I was working for that pay because I loved being on TV, but when you grow older, you realize it’s not about what you love but, your value and how much you are being paid for the job!! You are either paid your worth or you walk out."

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