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Karitas falls out with Mcvex after his comments on her hairstyle

By Michael Nampala 08 Jun 2020 10:55 AM EAT

Karitas is demanding for an apology from Ronnie McVex following his comments about her hair that he likened to 'Mzigo' women, this did not go down well with her that she had to storm out of the studio in protest...

Karitas and Ronnie McVex on duty

Karitas and Ronnie McVex on duty at NXT Radio 106.1 FM

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Nalongo Karitas Karisimbi and Musimenta Ronnie aka McVex who also doubles as a comedian are co-hosts for the Transit radio show that runs from 3pm to 7pm on
106.1 FM NxtRadio.

On Saturday, the two were discussing a topic that ended up upsetting Karitas only to walk out of the studio in protest.

It all started with Karitas asking McVex if it was okay to address someone who is not good looking that they were actually that an argument that lasted some

In a way of justifying his argument, he used Karitas as an example to drive his point home.

"It is like looking at Karitas and I tell her that her hair is similar to that of slum dwellers."

"So how do I get into this conversation, What has my hair got to do with anything?

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"How did we migrate from that to my hair, how dare you?" Karitas roared.

The heated argument ensued as Karitas tasked Ronnie to explain how the 'Mzigo' women look like...

At this time, Karitas was all furious asking Ronnie what gives him the right to compare her hair with that of the Mzigo women like he put it.


Efforts of Ronnie explaining that it was not what she thought it was were falling on deaf ears as the NBS Chatroom show host wasn't taking any of it.

She walked out in a Bryan White way of detesting things as Ronnie wondered what he had done to warrant such treatment from his co-host.

"People just don't want to be open, but it is like telling someone that they have an ample behind..." Ronnie concluded.

Karitas is now demanding an apology from Ronnie.

Karitas is donning a hairstyle that is ideal for the lockdown and quaraitine times, it does not require frequent visits to the saloon.

It is left to be seen if Ronnie Mcvex will apologize or not.

They are not only workmates but friends as well

They are not only workmates but friends as well going by the various shots...


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