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I might be old and a mom of 5, but my looks are of a sweet sixteen-Zari

By Mico 30 May 2020 10:23 PM EAT

I am a mom of five who will be turning 40 this September, but I'm not aware of any restrictions stoping those in my age bracket from using social media. I might be old but I still give some 20 year olds a run for their money...

Zari says she is not about to quit social media

Zari says she is not about to stop using social media, so if you are not happy with her posts, don't follow her...

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Zari is not the type to come and tell off her fans, but at times she is pushed to the wall and has no choice, but to tell them off.

"There are some people on social media who have self hate, let me put it that way which they want and they want to transfer their negative energy to a person, you know, I am a very positive person outside social media for those who know me."

"You all have so much hate for yourself that you would rather spit vile on people's pages, social media has no age restrictions, I've never got that memo that at my age, I'm not supposed to be using social media."

"I know of so many people way older than me that are using social media, some of you 20 year olds cannot even dare sit next to us in the 40-50 age bracket because you will be intimidated by our hot looks ..."

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"I am a mom of five who will be turning 40 this September, I've gone through a lot, so in a way, some of those traits will reflect on me, but if you are choking on hate every time you see my posts, I would advise that you quit using social media, because I'm not about to stop using it."


Blocking you or you blocking me will not help because you will still see me on other platforms so better let us the old folks be and that is what it is.

"If you do not like what we older folks do, why are you following me? why stalk me, why do you wanna see everything that I'm posting?" Zari roared.

"There's that something about me that keeps you coming back on my pages otherwise, keep off," She concluded.



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