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Faridah Nakazibwe apologizes to Justine Nameere following the Omar fight

May 18 2020 02:52 AM @ugandaonline

The war between these two TV personalities is about to be done, but before putting off the gloves, Justine Nameere who was considering whether to forgive Nakazibwe demanded for a public apology, but when the latter declined, the arguably longest Facebook post followed...In her post, Nameere spills more Faridah secrets...

Faridah Nakazibwe and Justine Nameere

Faridah Nakazibwe VS. Jusitne Nameere Part 2

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In a post that had over 2,300 words, Justine Nameere who claims that in less than a year, she will be starting up a TV station came out to explain to her fans what exactly happened between her and the NTV news anchor, Faridah Nakazibwe.

In her long post, Nameere is forgiving Faridah after it turned out that the fight they had over a man was the works of the very man they were fighting for and that the NTV news anchor who doubles as the 'NTV Mwasuzemutya' show host had apologized for the mess.

However, in the long post, we just got a bit of it after Faridah had apologized, but Justine wanted her to go public about it something that had failed thus leading to what many termed as the longest Facebook post ever.

"A few mutual friends intervened and I sent her a message through them and my Lawyers, that I have forgiven her but given her 90 days to tell the public the truth! She did not! I added her more 90 days and she still informed me she is scared of telling the public! She requested that I forgive her privately and withdraw the case, but we say nothing to the public!"


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"How selfish! She quickly forgot she introduced this to the public! Those who followed that story, vividly remember how different people including former work mates struggled to tell her Nakazibwe pull down that post and retract your statements, it seems Nameere was framed unless you have proof of everything you are saying!"


"She insisted she had overwhelming evidence and proof! Yet in Court and at Police she always asked us to wait for Umalu Ssali mbu he is the one with the evidence until she eventually told us “there is no evidence coming, he will not show up, he is actually the culprit and I divorced him and not in touch with him." 

"This is about the truth! This is not a cat fight, not about social media drama but a serious matter that involved people’s lives, people’s names, people’s families!"

Faridah is still recovering from the Saturday night dance battle between the NTV and NBS TV crews where she does a lot of cheering and hyping of her team till the wee hours of the morning.


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