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Ex-lovers Zahara Totto and Luzze Andrew fight again

May 01, 2020 08:10 AM @ugandaonline

They had it once and one thought could have it forever...

TV hosts Zahara Totto of NBS UNCUT and Record TV's Luzze Andersson are not about to make up after she used the most offensive curse words when he requested her for an interview.

Zahara Totto and Luzze Andrew don't see eye-to-eye

Zahara Totto and Luzze Andrew don't see eye-to-eye

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It is not the first time when these two are fighting, but this time, the NBS Uncut show host unleashed all the verbal diarrhea that she used to put Luzze in
his place.

For the record, they had a one night stand as he revealed in his 2017 beef with Zahara while she was still working with Spark TV.

Apparently, Luzze wanted to feature Zahara on his channel in form of an interview and the likes, but the UNCUT show host was not to have any of that recalling their previous fights that the Record TV presenter has not apologized for yet.

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He first called her, but she requested for a message.

"Luzze here, just wished I could have an interview with you before the Quarantine ends!!"

Zahara's response made him regret why he even asked for this interview in the first place.


"Never call my phone again and even if we meet anywhere, pretend like you don't know me because I will embarrass you. Have you forgotten what you said about my children, you disrespected me and my family."

The amount of obscene words used just confirmed how bitter Zahara still is when it comes to her once best friend, Luzze Anderson of Record TV.

Luzze tried to plead for mercy and forgiveness, but Zahara was not taking any of that, she just unleashed more verbal artillery.

Zahara then when on to say that;

"There is no single apology I will ever accept from a heartless person like you. The attack on my children that you never knew is the reason you should never cross my path. Don't send me your pretense messages," Zahara concluded.

The lockdown is still on and getting some of these interviews does not come easy not forgetting those to be interviewed are in quarantine.

Luzze thought he could instead turn to a fellow presenter and run that interview instead, but things fell flat on his face.

A section of his fans has since stood with him considering that Zahara used a bad language.

The video that Luzze put on his channel has Zahara's 4 children playing in a Kabalagala suburb and part of the clip is a children's party being celebrated a stone throw away from a huge rubbish pit.

This and of course other unresolved issues forced Zahara drive on the lane she did.


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