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I'm not stuck in Dubai, this is my new home-Huddah Monroe

April 19, 2020 10:00 AM @ugandaonline

I chose to be here... DUBAI is my new home, I'm not stuck. I had the option of boarding two rescue flights by the Emirates, but I did not, I am home darling and actually looking for a residence here!!

Huddah Monroe

Dubai is my new home - Huddah Monroe

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Kenyan socialite Huddah Monroe is so in love with her new location, Dubai. 

"I used to dislike Dubai so much ugh lol! But I've been here for one month and some days. New home, I'm not stuck coz I'm not borrowing food or somewhere to sleep from anyone. I live here now this is my home."

The Huddah Cosmetics boss travelled to Dubai just before the pandemic could be serious in Africa and later when things were getting out of hand, her airline alerted them on the last flight dates, but she decided to keep right there like the boss chick she is.

"I chose to be here. Emirates alerted us all on the last flight dates and a week ago, another "rescue" flight took off and I watched it take off. I am home darling, need to get my residence already."

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Just yesterday we reported on how the socialite had resorted to an adult site where her die hard fans will be paying to view her content something that will supplement her cosmetics business.


A section of her fans were of the view that she was stuck following the airports that were blocked. Kenya, for example extended the airport closure for another 30 days after the first 14 days.

You can blame all this on the Coronavirus disease that Huddah Monroe is now looking for a residence in a location she used to dislike so badly.

Huddah Monroe in Dubai

Huddah Monroe at her hotel room in Dubai where she has been hauled up for over a month


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