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Eddy Kenzo worried for his life in Ivory Coast

March 28, 2020 07:23 PM @ugandaonline

BET Award winner Eddy Kenzo was still in Ivory Coast when International flights were blocked from landing at Entebbe airport in a bid to curb the spread of the deadly virus, he is now battling with the lockdown from the West African country fearing for his life in the process...

Eddy Kenzo caught up in the Ivory Coast lockdown

Double Tragedy - Eddy Kenzo is caught up in the Ivory Coast lockdown. His Festival that was cancelled was to take place today...

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The Tweyagele star Eddy Kenzo was today supposed to be at Kololo Airstrip for his Festival, which was to be the first of its kind, but Aamaal's dad is stuck in Ivory Coast where he travelled two weeks back.

Unfortunately for him, while still in Ivory Coast, the President announced that all concerts were cancelled in the wake of the Coronavirus. The same directive saw all entertainment venues closed.

At the time, Uganda had not registered any case of Coronavirus. Days later, the President bounced back with another update, this time banning anyone from leaving the country or any plane landing at any of the airports in the country.

This was after the first case of Coronavirus had been registered.


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Uganda currently has 23 confirmed cases and all forms of public transport have been banned.

Just like Uganda, different countries have taken several steps to curb the spread of the virus that is threatening to put many countries on their knees.


Ivory Coast, where Kenzo is right now has equally taken steps to curb the spread of the deadly Coronavirus, some of which include gradual confinement measures.

According to a tweet by Eddy Kenzo, he says authorities in the West African country will descend on you if you are found 
outside your home beyond 8:00pm.



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