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Tanasha Donna in talks with YouTube Star Will Gittens for a collaboration song

March 11, 2020 12:35 PM @ugandaonline

Tanasha Donna will be doing more of French and English songs as opposed to Swahili songs and one of the talented stars she is looking at working with is none other than the YouTube star, Will Gittens...

Will Gittens and Tanasha Donna

Will Gittens and Tanasha Donna in talks for a collabo...

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Will Gittens just dropped something for the Queens... This is what we call music for the soul," Check out "lifetime"

"Thanks so much Tanasha Donna, much love." Will Gittens noted.

Gittens is so excited with Tanasha's fans that are flocking to his YouTube channel.

How many people came here because of Tanasha Donna? At the time of this post, they were 136, but that number is still growing and by the time it gets to a certain figure, Will Gittens will have no choice but to give Diamond Platnumz's ex-lover a collab song.

Having parted ways with her baby daddy, Tanasha is looking more at doing English and French songs given her Italian background.

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Her baby daddy is the King of Bongo and when she expressed interest in doing music, these two looked like competitors, it is no wonder that they split a week just after releasing their Gere song.


Still about her music, Diamond Platnumz was not cooperative when it came to Tanasha's music as it was witnessed when he snubbed her Donnatella EP Launch...

The fans are loving the Lifetime song by Will Gittens, but they are also wishing things could work out.

Will Gittens on Tanasha


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