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Zari and Tanasha Donna gang up against their baby daddy

March 06, 2020 01:15 AM @ugandaonline

"Surely you must know that a leopard doesn't change its spots and no matter how many times a snake sheds skin, it stays a snake," Zari noted in a note to Tanasha Donna in respect to her woes...

Tanasha Donna during the Gere video shoot and Zaeri over the weekend

Diamond Platnumz's ex-lovers. Tanasha during her Gere video shoot and Zari chillaxing over the weekend...

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Zari has once again come out to rally her support for Tanasha Donna, who has just separated from her baby daddy.

"Trouble in Paradise already, Darling? Surely you must know that a leopard doesn't change its spots."

"No matter how many times a snake sheds skin, it stays a snake."

Zari has been very supportive of Tanasha Donna and she equally never had any issues with Hamisa Mobetto, her only problem was Wema Sepetu, it is no wonder that the moment she found Diamond and Wema in a compromising situation, the affair just went for a nose dive there after.

On the other hand, Tanasha Donna has continued to expose her baby daddy on her wall.

"Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth."

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In one of her updates, she confirms to a close pal that she is now single.

Her baby daddy was supposed to address the issues in a presser that was held at Serena Hotel, but he later changed his mind and declined to comment on anything regarding his baby mama.


Tanasha over the weekend left home with her child and off to the next flight to Nairobi as Diamond Platnumz was performing in Los Angeles.

What normally happens when a woman leaves home is that they have been thinking about it so by the time it happens, it actually did happen several months back or several years back depending on how long the relationship has been on.

These two have been dating for about two years, but these are some of the reasons that led to their break up...

Zari's post to Tanasha Donna

Zari's post to Tanasha Donna

When Diamond Platnumz started dating Tanasha, she was in another relationship when the two met and the main reason the Baba Lao star used to convince the then Kenyan Radio personality out of that relationship was that their wedding was to take place on Valentine's Day of 2018.

This did not happen and matters were made worse when she was informed that actually, Diamond Platnumz is not about to marry because most of his fans are female so being locked to one woman would affect his female fan base.

This was the beginning of problems and you can be safe to say that it was around that time that Tanasha started planning her exit.

The selling of her first car (BMW) to shoot a video should not be ignored considering that Diamond is the type who can blow up over 180M on Diamond bling and dash to his wall to show off...

Tanasha just summed it up that he is a narcissist.

And finally, you all saw what happened during her Donna Tella EP launch, Diamond never attended and yet he was in the country, all these were contributing to the build up of what happened over the weekend, but then again, she needed to do/shoot videos with the Rolls Royce Artist of East Africa, so she had to hang in there a little bit and the Gere video was released.

Tanasha Donna confirms she is single...

Tanasha Donna confirms she is single...

A week after the release of the Gere collaboration song by Diamond Platnumz and Tanasha Donna, his latest song dubbed Jeje that has Malaika Salatis, a model and queen dancer who dances like she has no bones made Tanasha go mad.

The thought of Malaika traveling with Diamond Platnumz on a month long tour and yet she (Tanasha) was stopped from tagging along just confirmed most of her fears and since she was planning this anyway, there was no better time than now to quit the Tandale State House.

Diamond Platnumz is already in Zurich, Switzerland for his first show for the Europe Tour 2020.


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