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This is what Diamond Platnumz has been advised to do after using protection

March 05, 2020 08:05 AM @ugandaonline

Zari's nemesis, Mange Kimambi, has given Diamond Platnumz advice on how to deal with women who could be out there and planning to trick him with children, she also gave him tips on what to do even when he uses protection...

Mange Kimambi's advise to Diamond Platnumz on children and how to avoid them

Mange Kimambi tells Diamond Platnumz that enough is enough and now, use protection and not only that, you should also know where your used condoms end up...

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Diamond Platnumz is in the process of receiving new applications to replace Tanasha Donna, who left over the weekend, citing several reasons, though top on her list was that her baby daddy was a bully and was not willing to change.

When Zari dumped him, efforts were made, including his manager Babu Tale who travelled all the way to South Africa to convince Mama5 to come back to the singer's life, but WAPI, things didn't work out.

Tanasha has thrown in the towel and moved back to Kenya, but no efforts of having her back are in the pipeline, so far, instead, the Wasafi boss held a presser yesterday at Serena Hotel, where he was announced as the Ambassador for Coral Paints.

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He came back to TZ yesterday after his US performance, though for a greater part of the day, he was busy admiring his Diamond bling that he bought from Los Angeles and not bothered about the issue at hand.


Meanwhile, his Euro Tour will kick off tomorrow, according to his schedule: 

6 March Zurich, Swiss, 
7 March Copenhagen, Denmark, 
14 March Helsinki, Finland,
28 March Dortmund, Germany. 

The Diamond Platnumz Euro Tour 2020 will end with Marseille, France on Apr 3 and followed by Stockholm, Sweden on Apr 4.

Back to his roller coaster love life, a Los Angeles based Tanzanian socialite turned activist, Mange Kimambi, who by the way, celebrated her 40th birthday yesterday, had some advice for the Baba Lao star going forward on his dating game.

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"It’s not fair to blame Diamond for everything. These girls put themselves in these situations. They trap him with pregnancies a few weeks after meeting him, then expect him to step up to something he didn't ask for and wasn’t prepared for."

She adds that the singer is now scared of dating more women out there because they are all looking at trapping him with children.

Diamond Platnumz after his presser at Serena Hotel in Dar-Es-Salaam

Diamond Platnumz after his presser at Serena Hotel in Dar-Es-Salaam

But then again, Mange wonders why Diamond does not like using protection. Men out there who don't want to pay for child support use protection.

The TZ socialite tells Diamond that he was proving a point now that many were claiming he was the one with the problem at the time he was dating Wema Sepetu, so now, he is out there and on the rampage to prove a point.

Wema Sepetu is the only one of Diamond Platnumz's girlfriends that he dated for that long with no child, but they really tried to have one which makes it her worst nightmare. 

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"Now stop and even when you use a condom, flush it down, otherwise, some of these women are so desperate to have your child that they will do anything including using a syringe to pull your semen from the condom to their bodies, and before you know it, another pregnancy."

"Me I am retired in these things, but I have to help you a little," Mange concluded.


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