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Diamond Platnumz to give his story on why Tanasha Donna left

March 04, 2020 07:30 AM @ugandaonline

"Kila Mtu ana story yake...Untaka kujua yakwangu?" loosely translated as "Everyone has their own story, Do you want to know mine?" That was his caption as he told his fans of the presser that will be held later in the day to address the issue of his baby mama packing her bags and going back to Kenya. Tanasha while confirming that they had separated referred to him as a Narcissist...

Kila Mtu ana story yake !

Diamond Platnumz - "Every one has their story, so wait for mine in a presser that will be held today..."

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Diamond Platnumz has eventually responded to Tanasha Donna's  rants and he is to give his side of the story.

It is not a rumor anymore, there is a huge crack between these two and it is only fair for Diamond Platnumz to come out and address another East African project that is going down the drain like it was for the Zari-Mondi project.

Using his IG profile, the Jeje star has informed his over 8M fans that he will be holding a presser at Serena Hotel to specifically address the issue at hand.

It is now left to be seen what the dad of four will tell Africa, but most importantly, the three East African countries in which he has baby mamas.

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"Kila Mtu ana story yake...Untaka kujua yakwangu?"

"Everyone has their own story, You want to know mine?" Were the words that Diamond used while announcing the presser that is due to take place today.

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Diamond Platnumz is in the US ahead of his European Tour 2020 that kicks off on March 6 with Switzerland.

He travels with his band and dancers and this time around, he traveled with Malaika Salatis, the Jeje video vixen who is threatening to tear his family apart.

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Tanasha had wanted to travel with Diamond for the European Tour 2020 where he will be for over a month, but the boy from Tandale objected to that something that left Tanasha very disappointed.

Tanasha Donna clad in a jumpsuit that accentuates her curves

Tanasha Donna clad in a jumpsuit that accentuates her curves

Matters are made worse after Malaika's dance moves in the Jeje video left a lot to be desired considering that, Diamond came to date Hamisa Mobetto after their Salome video of which Tanasha is pretty much aware of and she thinks, anything is possible with her man if he can hang around Malaika for the long European tour.

She actually thinks it is the reason he refused to travel with her, but for now though, we can only wait to see what he has to tell the world. 


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