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Pallaso is recovering from the beatings he received down South

February 20, 2020 1:00 PM @ugandaonline

Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso is still in South Africa where he is nursing injuries inflicted on him by a mob according to the clip he first released while in hiding, however, another source suggests that he was trying to talk to someone's wife in a bar who beat him to pulp smashing the hind windscreen and windows for the silver Merc he was travelling in. He has rubbished the second story...

Pallaso was beaten while in South Africa

The smashed Merc Pallaso was cruising in at the time of the incident that left him nursing serious injuries...

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Pallaso Sucker Free Boss fresh from releasing his Akomelerwe song has been in South Africa for at least the last 9 days and among other things, he shot his Bitandike video.

In the last couple of hours, his story of being beaten to pulp has dominated the social radar after the live video he shared from his hide out saying;

Ugandans pray for me, I'm in serious problems... I went with my colleague and went to a place with Kiwunya Denno, who cruised me to that location...

We stopped by the roadside, only to find people with Machetes and children, the little children pointed at me and within no time, the gang came to our car.

I opened the car and took off. The driver sped off, leaving me with the gang that descended on me and started thumping me. I fell down.

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As I took off, I was knocked down by a car, I tried to open this car to escape from the mob that was armed with pangas, but the driver too sped off...

In all this Pallaso was speaking from his hideout while crying.


He also adds that he saw some policemen who he asked for help, but they did not respond.

I saw a school and that is where I am currently, but please pray for me, I am not sure if I can leave this place alive.

I have been beaten, but if I can leave this place alive, well and good, but if I leave this place not alive, please pray for me, I need help.

It is said that Pallaso landed on a mob that was protesting the killing of one of their own and that was his side of the story, however, there is also another account still from South Africa.

Pallaso in the Range Rover that appears in Eddy Kenzo's Semyekezo video

Pallaso in the Range Rover that appears in Eddy Kenzo's Semyekezo video

Pallaso went to a bar together with the person who was driving the Merc and while in the bar, they started talking to someone's wife and the husband together with his colleagues descended on them and that is the truth, but nothing serious other than that.

The source adds that Pallaso is okay and he will be performing on Sunday.

In the live video a few hours back, Pallaso who was asked if he was with a woman said he does not want to comment on that...

They beat me, my fingers are still bruised, I have a sharp pain in my tummy, but whatever happened to me can happen to anyone.

"I will be performing irrespective of my condition even if it means to perform from a wheelchair," Pallaso concluded.


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