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Spice Diana completes her multi million house, Rosa Ree left in shock 

January 17, 2020 12:50 AM @ugandaonline

Rosa Ree is one of the artists to perform at Spice Diana's concert and she is already in the country, but on arriving at the Jangu Ondabe's singer's home, she was in love with what she saw going by the clip doing the rounds...

Spice Diana is all set for her concert

Tanzanian rapper, Rosa Ree, is in the country for Spice Diana's concert and she is staying at her crib that was under construction around this time last year, she was mesmerized with what she saw...

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Around this time last year, Spice Diana showed off her house that was under construction then, but now, the house that she said had cost her 600Million at the time is now complete.

The Jangu Ondabe singer gave her fans a sneak peek of the crib while receiving Tanzanian female artist, Rosa Ree, who is among the artists to entertain Spice Diana fans at Freedom City on Jan 17, 2020.

Spice Diana was so excited about learning that Rosa Ree was in town, she came running all the way from upstairs just for the two to hug the moment away.

They pulled a bit of their Jangu Ondabe strokes that they will be performing for their fans in just a matter of hours.

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"Congratulations, OMG, this is amazing, the last time we were here, this was a hall, but now check it out, I am so happy for you my darling," Rosa Ree told Spice Diana.


Earlier on, Rosa Ree, who arrived on a Uganda Airlines flight made a drop for Spice Diana in Luganda calling out on her fans to come in large numbers.

The fans were, however, concerned that she had entered the house without a housewarming party like Hellen Lukoma, Sheebah and Banjoman among others did...

Spice Diana's house last year and now...

Spice Diana's house last year and now...

Chances are, a few things need to be done on the house before she can unveil it to the fans. It should also be recalled that Sheebah threw a housewarming party and so was Hellen,  Spice Diana could be looking at doing a different housewarming party that should be better than those witnessed before.

Other than that, Spice Diana's fans are looking forward to perform her old and new hits like; Onsanula, Omusheshe, Mood, Bukete, 32 (Thirty Two), she will certainly not leave out the late Moze Radio as Kyuma that she did with Radio and Weasel was the last song the talented singer worked on before meeting his death days later. 


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