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Iryn Namubiru does a cover of John Blaq's Makanika song

August 08, 2019, 11:07 AM @ugandaonline

Iryn Namubiru and John Blaq in talks over a collabo

I love his voice - Iryn Namubiru speaks out after John Blaq's Makanika cover

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I love his songs and Makanika in particular. I inboxed him about doing the female version of the song and he said he was okay with it the only thing that I changed was me singing to the man as opposed to him singing to a female.

My fans and his love the song already.

Deep voiced John Blaq has a unique style of his music something that has made him a darling to many fans, mostly female fans. His latest song is dubbed 'Maama Bulamu' and it has equally been well received, the video was shot from Jinja just like his Do Dat video.

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Iryn Namubiru is not the first one doing a cover of John Blaq's song, but she could be the first established artist doing that. New artist, Jowy Landa, did the Obubadi cover and it was equally good food for the ears.

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Other female artists who have fallen in love with John Blaq's music include Cindy and Lydia Jazmine.

Cindy loves Tukonectinge and will always perform it at Fusion Autospa in Munyonyo during the last Friday's of every month and when it comes to Lydia Jazmine, she will change the name Vanessa in John Blaq's Do Dat song to a short version of her name, Jazz.

Part of the lyrics for John Blaq's Do Dat song;

"My boo boo
My boo boo sembera kuumpi nziira
Oh boo boo
Oh boo boo sembeza kuumpi eddagala
Vannesa(Jazz), Vannesa(Jazz) sembera kumpi nziira..."

"I have said this before and I will say it again, I SIMPLY LOVE John Blaq's voice! Its unique, its distinctive! And #MAKANIKA is my Jam," Iryn Namubiru noted.

Several artists that include Maro, Leila Kayondo, Sasha Brighton, Vinka, Lydia Jazmine and Daisy Ejang have all welcomed the development.

Iryn Namubiru is one of the judges in the Yolesa Eitone talent search and the contestant who did the Makanika song got an automatic Yess from her.

Iryn Namubiru is now working on her version of the Makanika video. This is a sign that John Blaq is a powerful artist because an established artist like Iryn Namubiru doing a cover of a fast rising star is in itself an endorsement of sorts and a confirmation that he is already big in the industry.

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