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Chameleone forgives driver who knocked his Smart car

Chameleone's Smart car that was knocked

Chameleone forgave the driver who knocked his moving billboard Smart car

07 Dec 2018 2:30 PM @ugandaonline

Chameleone was rehearsing for his Saba Saba concert when the NBS After5 team caught up with him to take them through with what he has been up to lately.

The husky voiced singer shared quite a lot including what he thought about Zari being the Uganda Tourism brand Ambassador and his take on Diamond Platnumz as a top East African artist, more of that here; 

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As he drove for this particular rehearsal in Kololo, the legend was faced with a rather sad traffic incident that could have easily caused a scene for other motorists, but he brushed it off and just let the culprit go scot-free as he explains;


"I was driving around Hotel Africana round about when this guy who was over speeding in a Land Cruiser hit my Smart car from behind smashing the hind windscreen, I looked at him in disbelief, I was hurt so bad."

"I told him Thank you, Are you happy now?" And then I drove off.

MC Kats was left in shock on learning that Chameleone's car was rammed into and the Mateeka singer just did not do a thing.

"They knocked your car and you just let go?" Mc Kats asked.

"Yes, I did that because I am supposed to be the fountain of change If I want change to be there. If I exchanged with him, what would I be teaching him."

Basically, we are past the ideologies of leading people, we are in the times where we are supposed to be teaching people. I am lucky I've been to so many countries, I should reflect what I have seen there, we are past the stage of ignorance, we are at the stage of wisdom, the singer said.

Chameleone talking to NBS at Mestil hotel

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