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Dorah Mwima praised for her bravery as hubby is thanked

February 6, 2019, 1:45 PM @ugandaonline

Dorah Mwima with Mowzey Radio and Weasel

In this pic Dorah Mwima is seen with the Goodlyfe duo of Weasel and Mowzey Radio ten years back

Following the shocking revelation by Miss Uganda 2008, Dorah Mwima, that her first son, Ethan, is Mowzey Radio's child, many have come out giving their views on the bold move with the vast majority branding her brave, inspiring and strong.

Her husband, Nader Barrak, had the best comment; 

"Oh well!! Nothing to add! Proud of you wifey! proud of you hustling by yourself at the age of 19 instead of being a charity case! Ask me I know those kind of women! hehe."

After Dorah Mwima's confession, many have reacted giving their views, some agree with her, others don't.

"We all have our dark secrets, you are lucky to have met a man who loves you despite them."

"So what's the main point here? Why didn't you keep your secret as you wanted? After all, the Dad died even without knowing the truth."

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"Yes, you don't want anything from the family, but with time when Ethan grows up, he will ask you the clear reason why you denied him his biological father from day one."

"Coz this statement is not that very much clear! Okay, as you said he was already in love with Lillian, but that did not mean that you should not tell him earlier. If I were you, I would rather have kept my secret for Good and Good since I wanted it a secret."

"It's thrilling that at 19 you were able to make such a mature decision. Ethan is a proud son. Great thanks to Nader for being an awesome dad."

"Am a man, but if only God can give me your strong and resilient heart, to protect and love my boys this way in the face of lions, then God would have given me the biggest gift. My friend Dorah, this is something that has shocked me, but then it has given me a lot of learning points! I think there is a lion's strength in that small body of yours! Be blessed."

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"Ethan is indeed blessed to have you as a mum Dorah Mwima, at just 19yrs you would have opted for abortion, but you didn't and since Radio was a celebrity u would have jumped all over for money from him, but you didn't, single mother at 19 only what a brave woman, proud of you and love you so much."

"You are a very strong young woman. You have done well and Ethan is very lucky to have a mother who is very mature, understanding and loving like you. May God protect both of you and add you more favors and May God bless Your husband for taking on your son and loving him as his own."

Dorah Mwima, Ethan and her husband Barrak

"Family is not always blood. It's the peopke in your life who want you in theirs the ones who accept you for who you are. The ones who would do anything to see you smile and who love you no matter what.."

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