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Why Sheila Gashumba's God's plan is really sorry

March 5, 2019, 2:57 PM @ugandaonline

God's Plan said sorry in English for messing up

God's Plan really messed up and he knew the word sorry was not enough to let him off the hook

Sheila GASHUMBA's lover, Marcus Alia aka God's Plan, sneaked out of the house without her authorization something that did not go down well with the Lil Stunner considering that less than three weeks back, she was celebrating her first Valentine's Day deeply and madly in love.

God's Plan knew he had messed up and this was going to cause him problems with Frank Gashumba's daughter.

He owed her an apology, so he came back armed with a cake that had sorry wordings on it, chocolates, plus the I'm Really Sorry card. God's Plan was on a serious mission out there and he knew that the word sorry was just not enough to let him off the hook.



Ali was forgiven and he is now enjoying his new found love, they have continued doing their gyming sessions together all aimed at keeping her in shape.

Marcus has been in the UK for a greater part of his time, so it's not surprising that he chose to express himself this way, though some online-in laws who have been through similar treats thought he could have done better than that now that he chose to drive on that lane.

"Awww!! My boyfriend went out last night without letting me know and he knew that was trouble for him!! His apology is so thoughtful. He is definitely forgiven, but for only today, it’s the respect that matters not the money, okay now who wants to eat some cake!!"

These are some of the comments that followed; 

"I wish all men were like him, you apologize with something actions are better than words, let's go big up Sheila, wish you all the best guys."

"Enjoy Sheila its good to be in love those moments will always bind you guys."

"Baby girl you will receive more of those beautiful apologies to keep you  busy posting while he is out there feasting on those curvy babes."

"Keep us posted sister, even when he returns to the mother of his 2 beautiful children. Hope you won't go into hiding or turn yourself into a motivational speaker."

"She is indeed a girl not a woman, just a cake is enough."

"Hopefully she didn't surprise herself these galz in showbiz aren't easy, so what is she proving to us the FB in-laws? Era tujja muwa level when things fall apart."

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