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Diamond Platnumz showers Dylan with love

Jun 4, 2019,10:05 AM @ugandaonline

Diamond Platnumz, Dylan and Hamisa Mobetto

Diamond Platnumz, Dylan and Hamisa Mobetto and inset are the messages from the three

Diamond Platnumz's son with Hamisa Mobetto, Dylan Abdul Naseeb, made a post on his IG wishing all his followers the very best of the Ramadan season and the first respondents to his post was none other than his dad and mom.

"Chiii....Shee Ubwabwa" meaning, "That's my child."

And the mother, Hamisa Mobetto, who spent a better part of the day showcasing a black fitting dress with embroidery from her store, Mobetto Styles, joined the chat with this caption;

"Son love, it is hot in here..."



This got the fans real excited considering that the Bongo flava star claims he has been blocked from chilling and chatting with his South African based children that he shares with Zari, Tiffah and Nillan.

Zari's camp is looking at this from a totally different script. They say that this act is aimed at getting attention for his upcoming One Man One Mic show in Kahama and Geita where he will be performing without curtain raisers all in the name of inspiring the youth.

Dylan's comment was liked by over 34,000 fans and has close to 1,000 comments. The young man has "in-laws" from Zambia already.

"Our future son in law ever looking dapper. Just prepare to bring 50 cows to Zambia for the dowry lol," One commented.

"Oh my Dylan is that you handsome sheeeeeeshhhhhh this boy gets cuter and cuter each day wow Misa is raising a real hunk," another added.

The fans are so happy for them considering what they've been through from the times when she had to seek court intervention to get support for the child, but that is a thing of the past as Misa seems to be concentrating on her businesses, music, and signing more deals as a Brand Ambassador. 

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