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Bad Black spills secrets of her relationship with Bebe Cool

April 4, 2019, 2:17 PM @ugandaonline

Bad Black and Bebe Cool back in the times

Bad Black and Bebe Cool back in the times

Shanita Namuyimba aka Bad Black has revealed her bedroom secrets with the Nsilikamu star singer, Bebe Cool, who is still recovering from the birthday bash he threw for his wife yesterday after turning 32.

It all started when Bad Black commented on Zuena's Cake Garage that was shared days back, in her message, the ex-con noted that Bebe Cool's wife deserved a better location for her business. Shanita added that the current location for Zuena's cake and decor business could easily cause Cholera.

Bebe Cool simply said that Bad Black's problem right now is that she is broke recalling the times she used to dish out lots of dimes, but now, can't even afford 10k handouts.

This is happening days after Bad Black came to the rescue of Pretty Glo whom she paid for hospital bills amounting to over 6million so talk that she is broke could not be tolerated by Mama Jonah who went on Snapchat to spill the beans;



"Bebe, look at me closely. I have had respect for you all this while, I grew up knowing you and by 2012, we became real close. The thing with me is that I don't beef with someone I've had a fling with."

"We tried making out, but due to the bullet shots you were nursing at the time, it was not forthcoming. You are the last person I could be going to war with."

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"You used to come to my Munyonyo home with Zuena just in case you have forgotten. It is not you behind my good looks, I take real good care of myself and everything."

"Between you and me, I sell like a hot cake, I can only be equated to latex rubber in terms of demand and you are the equivalent of a used one."

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How can you say that Bad Black has no money and yet I used to give you my money? Of all my ex's, I had respected you, but not anymore.

"You and me don't need visas here in Kampala, we are Ugandans, citizens, so it is high time that you stop this business of undermining people, how can you go on TV and you say such about me?

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"While serving my jail term at Luzira Prison, you only brought me water, really! Please respect yourself because I have seen your undressed body, we have been intimate before in that very Hummer of yours, so please respect yourself."

"Let this be the last time. You constructing that house of yours since I was seven and you complete it when I am turning thirty does not make you any better."

She concludes;

"Have you heard any of mt ex-lovers including Greenhalgh undermining me? The moment I have dated you, never ever come up to raise your voice at me like that because I had given you free things and here you are yapping"

She then moved to the gym to work her growing bump with John Blaq's Tukwatagane hit song playing in the background.

Bad Black once had money enough to start up a commercial bank back then, but it is not as much these days. The socialite uses her mouth lately to remain 'relevant' something that has attracted authorities from the Pornographic Control Committee (PCC) to trail her.

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