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Politicians should go back to school and learn entertainment-Bebe Cool

January 04, 2019, 4:10 PM @ugandaonline

Bebe Cool durung the Frontline talk show on NBS

Bebe Cool was clad in a yellow tee and a Silent Majority cap

Bebe Cool was a guest speaker at the weekly NBS Frontline show alongside Hon. Semujju Nganda plus the other Frontliners who included; Hon. Norbert Mao, Uganda Media Centre Executive Director Ofwono Opondo and FDCs Salaam Musumba.

One of the topics for the day was the role of music in politics and it was for that reason that Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool was invited to the show, he was more than happy to share the platform with what he termed as the Big Brains.

In most of Bebe Cool's submissions, they seemed to be so much hinged on Bobi Wine and even when they told him to stick to the principle and not the individual, he chose to educate them on how entertainment works.

"The entertainment industry is what I wish politicians could go back and read because it is the only class that you skipped I'm not surprised that Bobi Wine entering  the parliament messed up politicians. I am seeing responsible people, educated with masters bowing down for my Bobi Wine the one I slap and beat every day, so for me it is a shock."


Show Host: "He is an MP and you should recognize that..."

Bebe Cool: "No Bobi Wine is not an MP it is Kyagulanyi who is an MP.

Show Host: What is the difference?

Bebe Cool: "The difference is that he is using two faces to do two things...

This prompted the show host, Charles Odongtho, to let him know that this was a political show and that they demanded to know who they were dealing with between Moses Ssali and Bebe Cool the musician.

Bebe Cool: "I am a musician and I have a right to comment about the daily politics in my country."

Show Host: Who is on the show today? 

Bebe: Bebe Cool the artist, Zuena's husband.

Bebe then went ahead to talk about the history of their beef with Bobi Wine which stems from the time when Bobi Wine bought his One Love Beach and chose the very day Bebe Cool was staging his Tondeka Ekiwatule shows, something he had done for three years prior to Bobi buying his Busabala based beach.

"If Bobi Wine was thinking about the positive vibe with Bebe Cool, he could have chosen another date like Christmas day, but he chose my day."

Bebe Cool is still of the view that Bobi Wine's concert was not cancelled because it was not allowed in the first place. Zuena's husband recalled how he had come from America two weeks before his show, he looked for the President to talk about his concert and as a master of Show biz, it worked, he adds.

Hon. Norbert Mao chipped in by saying that one musician should not be upset just because the other is not supporting their cause and there should be equality. You are musicians and that is your passion. You should not be too consumed in these fights and it is not necessary to say that the man you used to beat is still the same man citing an example of how Donald Trump was Mike Tyson's financial advisor.

Mr. Ofwono Opondo came in to defend Bebe Cool saying that just the other day, Bobi Wine was performing at the Enkuuka event, so what is wrong with Bebe supporting a person of his choice.

Hon Salaam Musumba was not impressed by what she heard from Bebe Cool and she was of the view that it should not go beyond the Frontline table, in fact, she noted that the issues of Bebe Cool and Bobi Wine should be sorted out privately and they should keep it to themselves as opposed to poisoning the political environment on which they thrive on.

"As young people I thought you were better," Salaam Musumba concluded.

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