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Rema Namakula finds love, again, initiates wedding plans

August 31, 2019, 12:13 PM @ugandaonline

Dimpled Rema Namakula has found love again

Dimpled Rema Namakula has found love again and her wedding will be going down in under two months

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Latest info coming in is that plans are underway for Rema's wedding to her new man that is slated to take place this November.

Some guests have already received their invites though tight lipped on the new man, however, they have at least let the cat out of the bag that there is a new man and the wedding is on.

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Rema Namakula and Eddy Kenzo have a child together and her wish had always been for the Sitya Loss singer to put a ring on it, but things have still not materialized yet. 

They are now living in separate homes as Rema's Namugongo pad nears completion.

The drawing line was summed up in Rema's October 2018 'Siri Muyembe' song in which she was very clear to her baby daddy that she was not a raw mango that one was waiting for to ripen before enjoying it.

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In her message, Rema was wondering what was stopping Kenzo from officially marrying her off because had it been a raw mango, it was understandable for one to wait till it ripens, but in her case, they even have a beautiful daughter to cement their love.


No doubt, still on the Rema-Kenzo dating woes, the Lean on Me singer revealed early last year while appearing on a local radio station that she was done with dating celebs. There is no privacy in such a relationship, she added.

"Me and Eddy Kenzo are ‘there there’. Whatever that meant then can better be understood now.

"I can never date any other person in the music industry because I have gone through a lot. I never wish my daughter to join the industry or know the beauty of singing."

"Kenzo’s honesty attracted me, nothing about him was fake. When I met him he was real, some people today feel he changed because of fame, but he is a real guy and I liked him." 

Kenzo performing at the Banyabo concert with Rema in March last year

Kenzo performing at the Banyabo concert with Rema in March last year

"Of course I can love again, as long as I still have a beating heart, I will fall in love again."

The dimpled singer is in love again. Most posts about her baby daddy were deleted from Instagram apart from when she was rallying for votes for him in the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards in March 2018.

It later turned out that the Nickelodeon post appeared just because he turned up to support her Banyabo concert that was held in the same month.

She also has a post and the only one about her baby daddy when she is supporting the 10 Years of Eddy Kenzo concert that was held on 4 Jan 2019 at Serena Hotel and that is all there is on Instagram at least from 2018 to date.

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