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Understanding the Zari-Anita Fabiola fight

July 30, 2019, 7:46 AM @ugandaonline

Anita Fabiola VS. Zari Hassan

Battle for Supremacy - Zari and Anita Fabiola outfits during the Miss Uganda contest could have also caused the rift between these two

Ugandans are still recovering from the cat fight that happened moments before the crowning of the current Miss Uganda, Oliver Nakakande, 24, who hails from Bombo and pursuing her Bachelor's Degree from the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Oliver, whose mom passed on when she was 15 is a student at the Middlesex University in Dubai pursuing Marketing.

Back to the cat fight.

Zari Hassan, 38, was among the Miss Uganda judges, she also doubled as a patron while Anita Kyalimpa aka Anita Fabiola, 25, was the co-host for the pageant alongside Kenyan born actress and media personality, Diana Deedan Muyira, the event that had 22 beautiful ladies was held at Sheraton Hotel Kampala on July 26, 2019.

As you are all aware, trouble stemmed from the fact that Anita told Zari to open the envelope to reveal the winner, which the mom of five rejected with claims that she does not do clerical work, and therefore, Anita should take it up from there.


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The manner in which Zari gave Anita the envelope left a lot to be desired, but trust Anita, who has been a host of very many local and international events, she pulled it off in a way many have since applauded.

What could have caused this?

13-year-age difference

The age difference between these two is 13 years, at least going by what we see, though insiders like past lovers say it could be more, but that is for another day.

Zari was like who are you to order me around in fact, "Get it out," she roared while throwing the envelope at Anita for one, interrupting her speech and two, calling her MAMA.

As the show host, she could have addressed her better, many of those siding with Zari seem to say while others are of the view that now that she is a mom of five, it is actually okay to be called that. It caused the problems anyway.

The outfits

Zari is always on the GUCCI lane and that is the statement she carries into everything from hair extensions, clothes, shoes, 'accent', lovers to mention, but a few and so was her red outfit from Gert-Johan Coetzee a South African fashion designer. 

Anita Fabiola's sparkly and shiny brown dress from a Ugandan Fashion designer and namesake, Anita Beryl, might have caused her problems too because it had a long slit that showed off her upper legs effortlessly as opposed to Zari, who literally had to open it physically, 

Anita later changed into a long back front short outfit and that was what she was donning at the time of the envelope saga. This according to experts contributed to the fight, you don't steal the show from Zari just like that.


Anita Fabiola is yet to give birth, while Zari is a mom of five and she is having every reason to add after King Bae put a ring on it, but that does not give Anita the bragging rights to call her Mama. The mood changed instantly the moment Anita called her Mama.

Diamond Platnumz-Hamisa Mobetto links

Anita Fabiola is close friends with Hamisa Mobetto, who piled a lot of pressure on Zari while she was still dating Diamond Platnumz, the father of her other two children. Matters are made worse when Anita bumps into Diamond Platnumz while at an event in the US in the year 2016, this did not go down well with Zari the Bosslady, as she prefers to be called.

Zari Hassan and Anit Fabiola show off their outfits

Zari Hassan and Anita Fabiola show off their outfits

Uganda Tourism Ambassador

Shortly after Zari was made the Uganda Tourism Ambassador, Anita Fabiola followed and one of the reasons for their being selected was because of the huge social media following among others. Zari's Insta family cloaked 6million last week while Anita Fabiola's is under 500k, Zari was still reminding the 25-year-old that she is the boss.

Reality TV show VS. a TV host

Zari once had a reality TV show dubbed 'Zari the Bosslady' on a local TV station while Anita Fabiola was a TV host for the 'Be My Date' program on NTV, it was a dating show, but she lost her job when her pics leaked. Zari's pics leaked too, but the message here is that while you are a mere TV show host, I run a reality show and I am paid not you who was fired, so put some respek on my name, Zari implied in her Friday's actions.

Vera Sidika Man

Last but not least, a message on one of the Facebook pages Zari claims are fake had a post insinuating that her Friday's actions were as a result of Anita Fabiola making a pass at Vera Sidika's man, some time back, but just like Anita was saying before the mic was pulled from her, This was not the time and place.

Zari and Anita Fabiola

Zari Vs. Anita Fabiola - Who's got the looks?

The men the've dated

Yes, Zari has dated quite a number of them, but looking at their latest lovers, Ex-con, Meddie Ssentongo is among Anita Fabiola's ex-lovers while top Bongo flava star, Diamond Platnumz, is Zari's ex-lover, she is now dating King Bae whose face she is not about to reveal after slay queens have time and again crossed her lane, not this time, she will forever hide his face if that is what it takes.

Zari could not stand Anita Fabiola humiliating her, thus her actions.

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