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We are drowning in love, Anne Kansiime and new lover say it out loud

April 30, 2019, 3:45 PM @ugandaonline

Anne Kansiime and new lover, Skylanta

Happy times - Anne and her new lover, Abraham Tukahirwa aka Skylanta

Ugandan comedienne Anne Kansiime and new lover Abraham Tukahirwa aka Skylanta are in Germany where they went for a show, but while there, the two were reported to have drowned, it later turned out to be hoax news.

Anne is not worried about the drowning news but the people who reached out to her after learning she was ‘dead’ and yet they have not been there for her all this while.

"Me and my boyfriend Sky drowned in Canada in some people’s heads, it is amazing how I had taken a nap and on waking up I had 106 missed calls of people I have not heard from since the year started with all the good news that I have and to share and all the beautiful things that have happened leave alone me being the host of East Africa has got Talent and the Ambassador of Standard Chartered and so much more, but none of these people have called to say Hi.."



"You people, If you are not going to overreact about the good things I have done when I’m still alive, may you not dramatically mourn me please because I will come for you and remind you we were not that close."

"I am alive, I am well, I am in love and I am so happy and for all my Ninja’s that love celebrating my life, you knew where I was because you follow me…love your friends when they are still alive, otherwise, me and my ‘Kantu’ we are drowning in love and that is the only drowning that is happening guys, I love you,"She concluded.

Anne Kansiime split with her hubby, Gerald Ojok, over irreconcilable differences, she has since replaced him with Sky whom she fondly refers to as ‘Kantu’, and they are even planning on documenting their love series in what they are terming as Chronicles of Ubuntu.

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