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Diamond Platnumz uses Zari to comfort Tanasha over Lynn

March 27, 2019, 1:07 AM @ugandaonline

Diamond Platnumz and his women

Tanasha still maintans all is well and inset is Zari on vac with new lover as Lynn 'Simba' tries to get back what was once hers

Diamond Platnumz relationship with Tanasha was developing huge cracks following the Lynn bed pic. He very quickly thought a plan that he was sure could divert the attention from his significant other to the mother of his two children, Zari, who was on holiday with her new found love.

That hurt him too, but he had to take control of this Lynn-Tanasha pressure that was building up.

This was the very weekend when Uganda was playing against Tanzania in the AFCON qualifier game, we lost unfortunately though the same win was big news for Tanzania as it was the first time they were going that far since 1980.



This called for a celebration from all angles and Diamond Platnumz did not miss as he used the moment to include Zari and her children.

Platnumz was sure the social media streets could divert to his remarks and forget about the Lynn-Tanasha bed pic, but it didn't kind of work out as he had hoped, the fans kept on telling him off.

"Kama Tuliwafunga Magoli ya watoto tutashindwa ya Mpira...Embu Watagi Waganda wote hapa Chini waambie Simba Kasema Tetema."

In his message, Diamond was implying that if he could score via children, then scoring in the game of football was a walkover.

The Africa Cup of Nations Qualifiers game ended with a win for Tanzania that scored 3 goals and none for Uganda.

"Nisaidie Kutag ma bogus wote, tell then we already qualified for the African Cup of Nations. Manenos yakue madogo Viva Uganda," Zari noted.

In her message, she tells the father of her children that there was no need for over boasting now that Uganda had qualified already, but she later pulled down the post and resorted to having a quality time with her King Bae.

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