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Tanasha Donna reveals her plans if Diamond cheats on her

August 26, 2019, 3:55 PM @ugandaonline

I love him and if he cheats on me, I am okay with it

I love him and if he cheats on me, I am okay with it. Diamond Platnumz was clad in that shirt for the baby shower

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Kenyan radio personality, Tanasha Donna, has made a comment that will leave his lover and a father to be of her firstborn cheating in peace well knowing that nothing will happen to him after all. 

Using her Instagram Stories, Tanasha who loves rap music was  over the weekend sharing with her over 1.2million followers her best rap songs and one of them had this line...

"And yeah, I love my baby daddy, but if he makes out with another woman, I won't ever, ever touch him. (He knows it).

This was a message directed to her baby daddy and those who were wondering what the half Italian half Kenyan radio personality will do if the Bongo star cheats on her.

He tried the cheating game when he tactfully played Zari and Hamisa Mobetto, he was given the first strike, but when he played similar games with Wema Sepetu, it was the second and last strike that saw the singer being dumped on last year's Valentine's Day

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Tanasha Donna is different and how different is she, the heavily pregnant singer has given her man the green light just in case he would wish to sample elsewhere and that he should not be worried about a thing as she will do nothing to him and amazingly, he knows it.


Scroll down for video of Diamond Platnumz with Zari in a shirt he put on for Tanasha Donna's baby shower!!

This is coming, days after Tanasha had just revealed that she is pretty much aware of her hubby's past, but that does not matter right now, what matters is if he is taking good care of her right now and she is happy.

"Everyone has a past and even me, I had three lovers before meeting him, so I can't just sit there and dwell on his past."

Different shots of Tanasha Donna's bump

Different shots of Tanasha Donna's bump, she will give birth to Diamond Platnumz's child in a few days

On Thursday, her baby shower was going down in Tanzania at BW Coral Beach hotel, it was an all white party though the yet to be born child's parents had to put on blue at some point, the best Diamond could get from his wardrobe was this blue shirt that he put on while on holiday in Mombasa with the mom of his other two children, Zari Hassan.

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