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Fresh Kid to do a song with world’s youngest DJ, Arch Jr

May 23, 2019, 12:54 PM @ugandaonline

Youngest world rapper DJ Arch Jr to do a song with Fresh Kid

Youngest world rapper DJ Arch Jr to do a collaboration song with young Ugandan rapper, Fresh Kid

It is a dream come true for Uganda’s youngest rapper, Patrick Ssenyonjo, aka Fresh Kid as his song dubbed ‘Bambi’ that was only released last month is set to seal his name on the African continent and beyond.

Fresh Kid hit the limelight early this year and since then, he has been making headlines as his fan base grows. His rap skills are a force to be reckoned with. This attracted authorities to prevail over him to keep more in school than doing music. 

The young rapper was asked to join a boarding school to ensure that he keeps more in school as opposed to the day schooling that found him perform at times during awkward hours.



‘Banteeka’ which means; ‘They hate me’ was his first song becoming an instant hit because the message in the song was that they hate me because of my age.

The plan to get him to a boarding school intensified causing many to oppose the move, and as a true musician he is, Fresh Kid used the opportunity to hit the studio and his next song was ‘Bambi’ which means; "Please."

In the Bambi song, the young Ugandan rapper was pleading with the authorities that be to let him perform because this was his talent, he also added that a boarding school would not allow him to explore the opportunities like it was in a day school.

He also, in his lyrics talked about the other kids out there that he idolized and among them was South Africa’s youngest DJ Arch Jr who strategically appears in the chorus of the song.

Lady luck has continued to follow Fresh Kid, because, after his Bambi song, he got sponsorship from a top Kampala school for his primary education and as if that is not enough, DJ Arch Jr while commenting on his Bambi song on Youtube gave him a thumbs up a month back and since then, talks have been underway for a collaboration song between these two seven-year-olds.

"You rock my brother," DJ Arch commented.

The World’s youngest DJ confirmed that he is ready to do a song with Fresh Kid as and when he is ready.

DJ Arch tweet about Fresh Kid

"It feels so nice that DJ Arch has given me an opportunity of working with him." Fresh Kid who starts school at Kampala Parents School on May 27, 2019, commented.

Who is DJ Arch Jr.?

DJ Arch Jnr real name Oratwile Hlongwane,7, is the world’s youngest DJ and at the age of two, he was already playing with the discs. In 2015, he won the South Africa Got Talent show at just the age of 3.

DJ Arch who hails from Johannesburg South Africa, started his career when he is one. Two years back, to be exact in 2017, he became the youngest DJ in Africa and the world.

In him, his father sees a future Bill Gates.

Still talking Fresh Kid and his Bambi hit, the video has been nominated in the Carolina Music Video Awards (CMVA) that will be going down on July 20 in the USA.

Bambi by Fresh Kid

DJ Arch was among those that commented on the Bambi video by Uganda's Fresh kid

70,821 YouTube views for the Bambi video in less than two months

The video was uploaded on YouTube on Apr 3, it has 70k likes, 1.1 thumbs up and only 40 dislikes. DJ Arch was among the 190 Fresh Kid fans that commented, Ugandans returned the love.

Fresh Kid wows his fans during Easter performances

Young rapper Patrick Ssenyonjo aka Fresh Kid was one of the artistes that performed on Sunday at Jahazi Pier in Munyonyo doing his Muzeyi Mukulu, Bambi and Banteeka songs.

Bambi and Banteeka were the most loved songs by the talented seven-year-old who worked up his crowd that comprised of the young and old fans all dancing and singing to his act. Read More

Fresh Kid gets Kampala Parents School sponsorship for his primary education

Fresh Kid has fallen into things yet again after Ruparelia Group of Companies came out to sponsor his primary education. Read More

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