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Fresh Kid wows his fans during Easter performances

April 23, 2019, 9:15  AM @ugandaonline

Fresh Kid doing some of his songs like Banteeka and Bambi

Young rapper Patrick Ssenyonjo aka Fresh Kid was one of the artistes that performed on Sunday at Jahazi Pier in Munyonyo doing his Muzeyi Mukulu, Bambi and Banteeka songs.

Bambi and Banteeka were the most loved songs by the talented seven-year-old who worked up his crowd that comprised of the young and old fans all dancing and singing to his act.

Fresh Kid is such a great dancer when it comes to the Shaku-Shaku dance, he is also good at live performances surprisingly.



Clad in a purple jumper which was the theme color for his next event, Purple Party in Luwero, Senyonjo completed his looks with white pants and sneakers.

The traffic and the crowd did not allow the young singer to get to the venue just in time, he arrived at 5 pm and with him, time is of the essence so by 6:00 pm he was on stage doing his thing.

This got the fans who were concentrating on other activities to dash to the stage just to get a glimpse and feel of the young star who is topping charts lately.

Fans were seen recording the moment on their cell phones with others trying hard to get a feel of the Texas Entertainment signed star who constantly showers his manager, Francis with praises.

Shortly after the show, he was carried to his car as his fans followed him to the gates while heading to the next show.

Luwero was his next destination and while there, he was with his back-up singers that appear in the Banteeka video, he constantly stopped the DJ having full control of the audience, the music, the fans, and his backup dancers.

MC Kats took off a moment to interview him and amazingly, he is prompt at answering any question that you throw at him and if it appears to be tricky, he will outrightly tell you; ''Eyo Tuveeyo" meaning that change the topic.

"Bambi thank you my fans for this much love, I just feel blessed, new projects loading," Fresh Kid noted on his wall.

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