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Sheila Gashumba reacts to split rumors with Gods Plan

August 22, 2019, 9:53 AM @ugandaonline

Sheila's Gashumba's striking beauty

In the pic, you can't miss Sheila's striking beauty, that was her at the Miss Uganda beauty contest. She popped a Belaire bottle before lamenting on the Gods Plan split rumors

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Frank Gashumba's daughter is enjoying all tribes of booze as she waits on her God's Plan real name Marcus Ali Lwanga to come back from where ever he is.

The NTV Style Project co-host is having some explaining to do after her boyfriend of one year deleted all her pics from his gram and only left a handful of his pics, most of which have his face covered.

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On the other hand, Sheila's pages have not been having enough of those "In-love" Sheila-God's Plan pics with the last one that saw the two buried in deep love on a boat cruise with his arm wrapped around her waist, that was way back in June.

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Short of that, the last time the couple was seen in a lovey-dovey mood was during the Diamond Platnumz Meet and Greet party in Gaba over a month back, on the sidelines of that party, she revealed that no one in town beats her God's Plan when it comes to spending in Kampala bars.

It has been a month now of no or limited activity of Sheila and God's Plan, a source on Snap Chat had it that they had fallen out after he landed on info that she could be seeing someone else behind his back.

This has left the Lil Stunner wondering why Ugandans are so full of hate.



Sheila, who was clad in her boyfriend's clothes first did justice to a Belaire bottle before dashing to Instagram to tell off all those who were peddling what she termed as lies; 

"Got the best boyfriend in the world, stop waiting for bad news and find your own."

"Never seen a country that has so much hate like Uganda. People don't wanna see nobody happy, nobody doing good. They sleep better at night after hearing that one's doing bad, so sad..."

God's Plan's last post was on August 12 when he shared a pic of him in very good company, he later noted the lady in the pic was her sister.

"Chilling in Uganda with my sister Denise Dainty."

Gods Plan and his sister, Denise Dainty

Gods Plan and his sister, Denise Dainty

Denise is always in Dubai though she has been in town for about a month.

It is not clear if this is what caused the confusion, but what is clear though is that God's Plan has 16 pics left on his gram after deleting all the pics of him and Sheila. Matters are made worse that even when talk on the radar is that their affair is headed for the rocks, he won't come out to make a post to clear the space.

Sheila turning up in his clothes armed with a Belaire bottle doesn't seem to help the situation or explain why he is behaving that way, it could have worked better if the two were popping the Belaire bottle together.

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